Why no one duplicate relics?


There is a welknown bug, when you monk with relic is being convert and you delete the monk few frame before the monk is converted. The monk at the begining of the animation of death spawn the relic (in fact it make the relic visible and move it at the right location) and during the animation convertion can succeed. And if the unit is convert it’s the monk with relic unit. Because the unit converted is “Monk with relic”.
You have now two relics but two relics with the same id. That’s mean if the monk with the relic drop it. The other one “disapear”. But if you ask the monk with the relic to drop it in a church. The relic remain on the ground. You can now take it without losing the one in the church.
I understand that in regular game it’s not pratical exploit but in diplo game, with an oponnent you can make a lot of relics.
Does any of you do it or have you seen people do it in real game?

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Well known? I’ve literally never heard of it before, never seen anyone post about it.


first time hearing this honestly


It’s like house bug when khmer get out. we was able to attack with house unit close to it. We smashed attack the unit and each times it remove one hp. DE correct this bug. I remember a game between Hera and Viper and one of them complain about the other one who did it and call him a nerd