Why no winged hussar as a profile icon?

Its cool af looking unit yet only the hussar shows up.Maybe make TB unique units as icons too


maybe it would be offensive to turks players lol


Genitour has also always been missing, as far as I know. The icons of common and uncommon units are tied to general achievements, the icons of the one real unique unit per civ are tied to playing that civ. The secondary unique units don’t have a clear place in that setup, so they are often just kind of ignored. Although I don’t actually know if all of them are missing.

Maybe we can brainstorm some achievements to tie them to?

Winged Hussars: Play in a game in which all three types of hussars are produced.
Genitour: Kill 100 cavalry archers in one game?
Turtle Ship:
Imperial Camel Rider: Beat the Indians as the Indians?
Imperial Skirmisher:
Condottiero: Play in a team game where at least three players create a condottiero.
Flemish Militia: Research Flemish Revolution in three subsequent games (people would hate it soooo much if this became an achievement, maybe up the number a bit further just to make sure)
Flaming Camel: Create 50 petards or Flaming Camels in one match.
Houfnice: Research Chemistry inside of 35 minutes from a dark age start?


They could be tied to completing certain campaign levels in the campaign/s that have them.


Maybe have the Turtle Ship and Longboat unlocked by completing the achievements for Noryang Point and Vinlandsaga?


I also would like some Heroes faces as a profile icon
Technologies as well
But it would be a day when I can put a Missionary as my profile icon 11


Trivia fact that I’ve exploited for Noryang Point: If you pause the game as soon as it starts, you can train Turtle Ships. They will be disabled as soon as you actually begin, literally from the first second, but an instant pause will let you train them. Use the market and you can train about 5-6 at the start. That, plus the initial navy can easily fend of the enemies for a while, and let you get the achievement. :joy: :smile:


What about

Flemish militia: Have 150 (or maybe 180?) flemish militia

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So 1 game then? :joy: Wow, emojis don’t count as characters, even though it takes 5 to type. :cry:

I rather have that over an achievement that forces you to spam Flemish Revolt in multiple games

I don’t know if it’s possible to track kills by units (though that’s a feature in CaptureAge, so probably is possible), but Slinger could be ‘Kill X Infantry units with Slingers’ for example. Same with Genitour for Cavalry Archers.

I don’t think the in-game profile icons being tied to more convoluted ways such as Flemish Revolution being researched in three consecutive games or the one for Winged Hussars is good design.

There are several achievements already existing that you can tie the icons to anyway, pretty sure Rhapsody of the Bohemians was creating 10 Houfnice in one game, which could unlock the in-game icon as well.

I also like @AlphaCreator727’s idea, with Hero icons as profile icons. Would be really nice to showcase the artwork for them even more!