Why not add the Romanians as a possible German revolution in AoE 3?

German revolutions can lead to: Argentina, Gran Colombia or Hungary.

According to the Wiki, Hungary because " * Hungary’s availability to the Germans is a reference to Hungary being part of the Habsburg Monarchy." Which is equally true for Romania:

But maybe Germany has a Hungarian revolution because the Hungarians revolted against Austria in 1848? Which is equally true for Romania.

Not in 1848, in 1848 the Romanians revolted against the Hungarians because they wanted to incorporate Transylvania into the Kingdom of Hungary, so it was a revolution against the revolution (revoluception if you will).

But in 1784, the revolt of Horea, Closca and Crisan.

"The revolt was directly related to the poor level of the feudal serfdom in Transylvania and though the Orthodox Romanians lacked of political equality contrary to the Catholic nations of Transylvania, the events were not necessarily motivated by ethnic tensions.

After Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I’s incorporation of the principality into the Habsburg domains in 1691, the rights of the Hungarian, Székely, and Saxon nobles were preserved. The peasants however, still had no representation in politics. Especially the Romanian peasantry had no guarantees for their Orthodox church institutions, though they were tolerated."


" After the revolt had been put down, Joseph II responded by enacting a Patent for the Abolition of Serfdom for Transylvania in 1785. This put an end to serfdom, although the feudal system continued to be practiced for several more decades. The Emperor also ended aristocratic control over peasant marriages and expanded the peasants’ grazing rights.

The uprising reverberated throughout Western Europe. It shook up the feudal system and is considered by many to have inspired the French Revolution. In 1785, Jacques Pierre Brissot, who would become a leader of the French Revolution, published an open letter to Joseph II in which he asserted the right of royal subjects to protest."

So Romania checks all the boxes as well, why not add the Romanians as a possible German revolution in AoE 3 ?


I think Malta is the civ that needs the Romanian revolution the most. Their Hungarian revolution seems completely unjustified, but they actually did have a connection to Romania. There was a Romanian king who was of Maltese descent.

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