Why not give Haudenosaunee a wolf?

There are wolves in the picture, right?

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Wolf, Coyote, and Jaguar are offensive. Cougar is not.


All civ should have something age 1 imo. Playing brit or german is boring the first 4 min and i am not talking about otto…

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10/10 is a racist trope. It perpetuates the idea that Natives were supernaturally peaceful with the wilds or some sh*t.
Like no. We hunted as much as we needed and we ran from bears like a white person did. We didn’t randomly tame wolves, although raising a baby coyote that you found out in the woods randomly probably wasn’t out of the question.
But it still perpetuates the Noble Savage stereotype, which is something that needs to be squashed.


Good point, the picture is from the original game and should probably be updated to reflect the current state of it.

That is where dogs came from, but wolves instead of coyotes, and Siberia instead of America.

I do agree with what you said. Nat-Ams were not D&D druids and rangers.

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Can someone inform me what a racist trope is and what’s wrong with wolves?

A racist trope is a stereotypical depiction or belief about a group of people based on their ethnicity, reducing them to just a caricature of their race. For example the common depiction of Native Americans as magical nature people who can talk to animals and/or trees, speak in partial sentences with no grammar, and provide wise words of wisdom and magical healing. Or African Americans subsiding on a diet of watermelons and chicken wings. Lots of stuff with Asian mysticism, or Africans living in mud huts. Or if you want Irish being angry and drunk, Russians being violent gangster who only drink vodka, Italians always having connections to the mob, etc.

Instead of, you know, being actual full human beings with likes, dislikes, and no magical wisdom or abilities. The issue being perpetuating the notion of these people being Others, different than “normal” humans.

There is nothing inherently wrong with wolves. But there is something wrong with using exactly the same kind of visual language and tropes that’s been used against Native Americans for centuries. (See Pocahontas, Supernatural, Buffy, The Last of the Mohicans, Walker, Texas Ranger, The X-Files, Twilight, the list goes on and on.)

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I see no issue with this, and I’m extremely proud of my Native decent.

I’m the real thing
I just need my flatcap, then i’m all set.

Yes, and Slavs.

Pocahontas was awesome, and I’ve never heard of any of the rest.

Honestly none of what you said ‘triggers’ me in anyway and I have no idea how it does to other people.


there is acard that allows warcheief train wolfs

The tribes have issues with this, which they conveyed through their Sichangu cultural advisor when the Definitive Edition was in creation.

As a Lakota, I agree. I am not Sichangu (I am Oglala) but I wholeheartedly agree with the understanding that perpetuating racist tropes is a bad thing.


Did they consult more than 4 natives?


Darth, just because you personally don’t find it offensive doesn’t mean other people don’t. Something can be bad without it affecting you individually. This is clearly an issue that is affecting people negatively, as stated several times. Isn’t that enough?

Well I haven’t seen any surveys from AoE about what different native peoples thought of the game.

Have you?

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Haude should start with tuktukutuk instead of animals :innocent:

If native americans in the U.S.A. do not like pets, then do not have them. But Nahuas and Mexicans do not mind jaguars. Taking away the Nature friendship and the jaguars from the aztecs is nonsense.

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