Why nothing from microsoft to aoe IV

Microsoft why didn’t you say anything about aoe in Gamescom I am a hardcore fan and I will a new aoe IV before I died please say anything else to aoe please :pray::pray:

Because, honestly, their PR/marketing department is an absolute joke. It’s utterly indefensible, and one can only come to the conclusion that they either expect or want these games to fail.


They aren’t reading this forum anymore.

Or the game is still a ways away from release and they would rather handle the announcement of additional info some other time and in some other way.


Not even aoe 2 definitive edition at gamescom. It is getting to the point that there is a big chance that they won’t be able to launch the game in 2020, it probably will be more like 2021-2022. Thusfar the only sign of life in the past year was a 60k tournament for aoe 2 hd.

i believe you, AndyP. I think the game must be still very far from its launch date.


Maybe it was announced too early. One thing is for sure: They are biting more than they can chew. On one hand they are making DE, on the other, another studios is doing IV. I don’t know how organized this can be.

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Yeah, Microsoft keep on saying that they will take PC seriously, PC seriously…but none of their actions prove that. Why do they forget, there are more people playing on Windows PC, than both top consoles combined. This should be that time, when MS actually shift focus from Xbox, which is taking a lot of beating from Sony (Bloody ■■■■ really? Whole company is ancient, and it only floating on Playstations & TV’s, and it is so hard to compete with THEM?Whatever.) and shift to PC which actually gonna support them. But then there are those Gaben defenders/ Steamer aiaiaiaiaiaaiaai! who only make a noise that “If not on Steam I won’t play” but they secretly play everywhere. They also say DRM DRM, but don’t care jack**** if they get double-triple screwed in Steam with 3rd party DRM and Denuvo…i don’t get it. I want a time machine, and just go back when things were sensible.


It not limited to Age of Empires, almost every game happens this way. They always get announced way early. Then they open preorder next day. But in our case, it is not the latter which is good, because i don’t my money stuck on product that doesn’t exist yet.

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