Why ranked starts with 800 of each resource?

Just played a ranked 4v4 Arena and we all started with 800 of each resource…

I wonder - is there any testing going on before release of new updates…?

“To be blunt, working in a 20+ year old code base is pretty difficult, and although we’ve modernized small pieces of it, you’re living with how easy it is for strange and unpredictable bugs to show up and cause problems. We use a lot of tools to hedge against this, from a rather large manual Test team, through to automated tools and crash reporting software. But one of our most useful tools when you engage with it is PUP – our Public Update Preview program we operate on Steam.”



No, the game is never tested, not by the dev team while new updates are in development, neither by any QA team or dedicated play testers.

More than that, updates roll out with new bugs and it takes ages before they are resolved.

The devs do not listen to the community and are after our entire wallets.


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Hey everyone, thank you for bringing this up.

The teams are aware of this issue and are looking to resolve this asap.


I understand the code is old and I understand that making a change in one spot breaks something elsewhere. But this issue is so obvious - firing up a ranked game would have shown it straight away… I can’t understand how no one saw it until the update was rolled out…