Why remove team island from ranked queue?

So the last patch just removed the classic Team Island from the ranked queue and instead added Mediterranean to compensate. Yet Mediterranean is not a legit water map, I’d say it’s at best 50% water based, while in Team Island (or just regular islands) you could exploit the full potential of water civs like Vikings, Portuguese, Sarracens, Italians etc on an actual large scale.

Why would you have several civs based on water and a very competitive water map (which is used in almost all top player tournments) if you just remove it from ranked queues? How are players supposed to learn different gameplay styles and tatics if you just remove the single one map that actually made players think mainly on water?

" How are players supposed to learn different gameplay styles "

bro. you cant force people to play a certain way, neither can you force them to learn to do something they dont want to

im sure devs have some kind of stats on intentional drop rates in-game and from queues, nevermind that its pretty evident if someone plays TG how many times people quit when they saw team island. people simply never have and never will prefer water maps, even more so in a game like AOE where the water fighting becomes so simplistic compared to land fighting

team games almost always resolve down to

  1. ALWAYS at least 1 viking player (usually more)
  2. Galley(long boat) spam fighting
  3. Maybe a castle drop
  4. Almost always a long and protracted game, making the boring fights even more tedious

Super interesting! much excite! I’ll play any map given to me(although this might change now that i found out if i drop within 1 min i dont lose elo), but its pretty obvious why people dont like team islands and will avoid them, ban them, drop, exit queue, veto…

Thats why you are given the option to ban maps, right?

You couldn’t ban maps in 4v4 and now could ban just one map. People have been forced to quit in first minute as a replacement for ban.
I don’t even play multiplayer, but this whole limited ban system just makes me shake my head.

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Get used to maps going in and out of rotation, this isn’t the last time this will happen, think of the map pool as a monthly rotation that is ever-changing.

Hybrid maps were completely lacking last rotation, and a lot of people complained about Team Islands being in the pool, I see this as a positive, yet not permanent change, I wouldn’t get attached to any one version of the map pool, let it continue to change.

I’m saddened by most player’s reactions to the matchmaking system, it seems that the majority of problems are usually with the players that don’t like change, as opposed to there being inherent problems with the system itself.

Not that there aren’t problems, but really, they’re minimal, get out of your bubble and try to play whatever is thrown at you instead of spending time complaining about not getting to spam your favorite map for wins over and over.

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You are right. I’d say the more maps, the better it is, as long as they are competitive. There is no problem with Mediterranean, I think the problem is lacking the water map. When DE came out, the ranked queue had like 15maps, with lots of different playstyles until it was replaced with the last one, with only the most played maps (Arabia/BF/Arena…), Team Islands was included.

I am not complaining on the addition of other maps, just the removal of a map that is, in my opinion, the one where you could go full naval.

Come on, no one is forced to quit. People have been quitting for so many reasons: I’ve seen many guys quitting right after because of counter civs. If you remove every aspect of the game that makes people quit, you have no competitive game at all.

Team Islands could present very unbalanced behavior - like one player having more wood, or wider islands leading to better trade routes in team games. (Posts with screenshots added are present here in the forum).

I’ve never really liked the map. Once i had i game won there, but i was so angry that i got the map that i simply resigned after the enemy called his gg.

Tbh, was hoping for mediterrean to be added, but i understand that a “full water” map should be present in the ranked MM… but team islands was simply bad for this purpose.