Why river cant sent Whale and battleship card

I forgot to take pictures, so I can describe this incredible thing as much as possible. I am on a river map, and there are players on both sides of shallow beach in the middle, and the fishing boat cannot pass. I can send all the ship cards from 1 to 3 during the period; but in the industrial era, my warship card and whale card cannot be sent; because there are no hometown cities point. I lost this game; if this is a bug, please correct it; if it is not, please add a explanation text. i play italy, enemy is usa

My mother is a land unit. In my more than 10 years of career, every river can put the industrial era marine card. If you are not official, please don’t respond


it really depends on what map is it.

some maps do not have shipment flags by design. If it was an unknown map it is essentially random

if what you are saying is that the shipment point disappeared then its a bug.

also note that if there isn’t enough space then sending will also fail

I’m sure I didn’t see the buoy. As for the space, I can produce the mortar ship and the sacred alliance wars ship myself, why can’t it be produced by the card. I just hope they can solve this problem. The Italian naval battle is very strong

What I mean about the space is that if say you place the shipment point in a pond and the thing hitbox of the thing you are sending is bigger then the space in the pond, then the shipment will just fail

Since the size of the water shipment point is always smaller then the ship itself, this can happen.

adding on that, if you already have a ship there, and the remaining space is smaller, then it can also fail

so its a very case by case thing and we will need to look at this situation itself

I’m pretty sure there aren’t any boats in the waters, and the fish has been eaten up by me then i delete fishing boats. I built two piers, maybe it’s a bug that the water channel is too small

As was previously stated, not all maps have a water shipment point by design. Which map were you playing on?

I can produce any ships, but I cannot send them through the card of the industrial era, nor can I send Italian seafood cards. But I can send the ship card of ERA123.

Was it the river named after the country with a name similar to Nigeria? I’m pretty sure no water shipments are permitted there?

Seeing how in reality most rivers cannot carry large surface ships I can’t see any issue with this at all. It’s an accurate map characteristic no different than a cliff or mesa on a land map

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It doesn’t make the most sense though, like you can build a dock and a monitor in tiny little ponds.

Have to agree with that.

Yes that is a good point

I think it still makes sense. You can build a ship anywhere, but you can’t ship it from your home country to a landlocked body of water.

Yeah it makes sense why you can’t ship to a lake I don’t think it makes sense some of the places you can build ships either though, you can build a dock on kamchatka for example.

Well during the revolution ships were built on the American great lakes.

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