Why so many trolls

so up untill today match making against ai has been fun, 7 games today ive had teammates go chineese, they seem to wait untill i go attack the enemy and whilst im distracted microing the enemy they wall in my entire base, im left with just attacking units which only last so long and then i have to quit because i have no resources anything i produce is stuck behind their walls…

i feel in multiplayer team games there should be some sort of way to build a gate on friendly walls this would reduce the trolling and not leave you stuck inside a base as it ruins the fun, has anyone else started experiancing this recently or is it just me?
i mainly play mongols so maybe they do this to try and stop me rushing but still its a annoying thing to do :frowning:

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Is it intentional on their part or could it be a communication issue?

Sometimes dropping some beacons and asking what they’re doing goes a long way to prevent an uncomfortable situation in team games.

Yea we need friendly fire to solve that issue xD

Or the diplomacy thing to change your allies to enemies

That’d be great in ranked games :smiley: You’re loosing? Change your team! :smiley:

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That would be hilarious. Imagine if an entire team swaps sides right at the start, and if you have allied victory, everyone wins, without doing any work.


You will always win!!! Thats closest we can get to world peace.

I love to put a strait wall in my ally base, to make him unable to close a wall. My ally always get creative in finding new words to express his hate, toward my action. :smiley:

The varient is to wall my ally inside my wall, whit no gate. O.o