Why some online games have teriible fps not lag

I have a :
-i9 9900k
-gtx 2080
-16gb ram

Why some games have terrible fps and some dont. It desnt look like lag but the fps is can be terrible sometime. Does the game adjust the fps to the player with the least performance?

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Do you play with vsync on? Does the drop happen when playing on a large map or many players. Far less likely is ping to consider.

I dont have Vsync not enabled. It happens more often when there are more players.

I have a similar problem. I think i has to do with syncing to the other computers. It happens when there are a lot of unit or lots of damage? Also next to the names your playing aginst you may see a sysmbol. It is the slower person.

I’m pretty sure you will play at the power of the weakest PC connected, but I may be wrong

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Yes the game does indeed adjust the fps to the player with the least performance

if it didn’t do that, game would desync as soon as that player’s game slows down

sadly this is how it is, it is using the old system

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I face the same problem. I noticed mine depends on map type too.
Arabia - Very frequent FPS drop.
Four Lakes/Gold Rush - Not that frequent.
Arena/Hideout - Almost never.

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Technically, I believe it doesn’t adjust the fps, as such. If you have fps displayed on screen, you should still be at your full monitor refresh rate early in the game, if your PC can do that. What is slowing down is the updates of unit animations. So the unit animations might update at 15fps, while your game is still running at e.g. 165fps. If you scroll around the map, it will still do that at 165fps, even though your unit animation is at 15fps.

Even the reduced frame rate of unit animations is not necessary, though, it’s just a poor implementation. Rocket League, for example, has server-based gameplay, but the client constantly predicts at full fps. If there is lag, then it can sometimes need to correct, so you can see the ball get hit once, then it changes direction again when the situation is fully resolved on the server. Most of the time, if all players have low ping, it looks like everything is just happening in real-time at full fps, even though it’s all synchronised to what is happening on the server. As I’ve mentioned before, I think it would be nice if AoE II could be further enhanced to address this and other issues, alongside AoE IV development, as I feel many people will continue to prefer AoE II even when AoE IV has been released.

It all depends on how much Microsoft is willing to invest into Aoe2

It all depends on the single core performance of the slowest player. Aoe2 as an old game doesn’t use multiple cores of modern cpu, it is wasted. Rts are mostly cpu heavy especially for pathing, which is a difficult mathematical problem after all.

Game state needs, to be proceed by all players and data sent back to the aoe servee, then sent back to all player and so on.

If one player takes long time to calculate game steps then server needs to wait for that players input and everyone waits for the server for next game step “update”

Atleaat that is my theory. So it’s not Internet lag but cpu slowness due to many players, units, map size etc.

In HD we saw classic player to player connection lag. Instead of a server everyone had to sent their data to everyone else. If it was around the world, than this was the major bottleneck instead.

The only issue I got with aoe2 de is the occasional crash to desktop without any errors due to memory violations… (c coding is hard)