Why starting units still dont change?

Hey guys on the update team, I see you guys mentioned in the change log that the british removed the 100 food start and Sweden added the 100 food start, the Queen of England is willing to generously give 100 food to the Queen of Sweden, which is now a weaker version, which is very great.
But why didn’t I actually notice this change when I logged into the game? The Queen of England is lip service?
And I didn’t see any explanation about the change of the wood exchange rate in the African market, but the actual wood exchange rate in the game has been reduced to the same as the gold exchange rate? Please, if there are no relevant changes, please don’t write in the log to confuse players, if there are relevant changes, even if at least say “the exchange rate in the African market has changed”, is it difficult?


I think it was just an oversight. A hotfix might come.


Hello @FlowerQWQ, Thanks for your report. We are tracking this issue internally. :+1:

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