Why stop at the golden age?

So, this is beyond the scope of age of empires IV currently… (but it could be a kickass DLC)

Imagine if they went to the steam age… the age of industrial revolution… the modern age… and eventually the future age?

We could see units evolve. As each age progressed, and technologies were researched, various unit lines could morph into units we see fielded on the battlefield today… and eventually into futuristic units and structures.

These are 5 SOLID expansions, and I would be willing to pay $60 for each one.

Personally I would rather see more civilizations and the addition of a “massive real world map” where your starting position is based off of your faction. Adding more and more ages will make multiple factions a nightmare to add into the game, not to mention balancing problems.

However a futuristic game would be amazing!

There are plenty of other games that do that, one of the best things about aoe is that it remains focused on one era, therefore it can fully explore the potential of the era they choose to base it on.

If you want this, maybe play Civ 6 or something. That’s more of a suit for this idea. The age series all fit in the current style, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to change it.