Why submit request bug exist if we have a forum?

as bugs are not attended anymore, i dont know if i have to use the submit request or the forum.

whats the difference?
why we have a forum of bug and a submit request for bug?

Either way of reporting bugs is fine, either in the III - Report a Bug category or by submitting a support request. Personally I like reading and posting bug reports on the forums because it is encouraging to know if other players are experiencing the same issue. If you submit a request online only the submitter and the support team know about it.

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yes but its developer experience about the bug that matter, people wont interact here as developers dont answer, we dont know what is happening with all bugs, if they are just not important, if devs are finding a solution, there should be a monthly reporting of devs about bugs

There is a known issues page for each game on the support website, support.ageofempires.com. I know it’s not complete but it can be helpful. Not knowing the status on a bug report that has been submitted, if not posted as a known issue or replied to on the forums by a dev, I understand can be frustrating. I have posted bug reports years ago which have still not been addressed. It may not be ideal but the current method the devs use to communicate bug fixes is patch notes.