Why the light cannon don't have limber mode?

When I use the Haudenosaunee and Maya,the light cannon don’t have the limber mode,so that they will automatically move as a column not as a row before the attack.The flaming row and siege elephant have the limber mode so can move as a row,not like the light cannon.I wish the light cannon will have limber mode in the next update.

Not having limber mode makes it the best artillery in game, why would you even consider nerfing them like that?


Not having limber mode will make it must turn column to a row when it want to attack,but the flaming row and siege elephant not need to do that because they have the limber mode,they move as a row from the start.

Why nerf it? To make the often overlooked napoleon gun the best artillery in the game!

It’s just something you have to micro, it’s not that difficult once you get used to it. Units will form a column when given a long range command(moving towards something that is far away) and automatically form a line when they get closer, order the light cannons to move a small distance right in front of them before issuing the attack command, that way they will form a line.