Why the release of the flying crow is so slow and always fire blank shots?

Flying crow is a powerful heavy artillery and i know it can produced by free,although it moves slow but it is not main problem,although i want it to be 3.5 speed.
The real problem for the flying crow is the release of it is too slow and too bad.After they release they enemy may already killed by other units and they always fire blank shots.Their blank shots just because their foolish release and if we don’t control them by ourselves they tendency to miss to the point.I wish the flying crow will have a normal release speed and will not fire blank shots in the future update.But if the Chinese artillery is supposed to be weak and the flying crow is supposed to be such foolish release speed and supposed to be fire blank shots,i have nothing to say.

I heard a friend says the release slow is caused by it’s low speed,if this is ture,i wish it will be 3.5 speed in the future,or the flying crow will be a junk unit forever.

It is too slow ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Flying crows have always bothered me because of their slow movement speed and their tendency to miss to the point where I won’t even use them anymore. I just use consulate falks and hand mortars to counter enemy artillery.

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So the foolish bug need to be fixed.

This bug should be fixed.

I assume the problem is in the windup time the unit has before firing. Unlike other arty(usually cannons) that fire instantly similar to a gunpowder unit, the flying crow has a windup time similar to an archer unit, and so in a chaotic fight, sometimes the flying crow’s target is killed before it gets the shot off, causing it to fire a blank. I guess this could be fixed by removing the windup time and allowing it to fire instantly but idk what that would do to balance. That’s why it feels best to just use it like a mortar tbh


That’s a great idea!