Why there is no relief on Arena?

I like Arena put it is a pity that it’s totally flat. Why they never thought about generating some few hills ?

The relief is part of the game play so I would like all maps have a minimum of hills.

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Castle drops with hill, sounds even more unfun 11


Well, Idk if exists, but some little variatons of Arena could be fun, like Arena with hills, Arena with water or shallows, etc…

imagine if theres water with hills 11. baltic with hills

Its not that type of map. There are similar maps where there’s stone walls but still has hills, a few have ponds etc. Unfortunately those don’t show up in ranked.

I think there could be an interesting Variation of Arena with a big hill in the middle where you can place a Castle on. Far enough from the bases, so you can’t use the hill bonus against the walls though. But ofc it will have different games and should indicate this via the name.


Can be fun but I was more imaginating some random generation of hills. A hill in the middle would change a lot the gameplay and strategy of the map.