Why this game only gives 35 fps on full hd max graphs? i have a 2070 super

i had to put the lowest resolution wit

h max graphics options in order to have 75 fps omg…

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set the SSAA option to 100%

now with 100% ssa option i cannot distinguish anything, i think i need a 3080 nvidia graphic card

Set resolution to native
If you have a nvidia gpu, turn on image sharpening in nvidia control panel.
If amd turn on Radeon Image Sharpening

So in your case look in nvidia control panel for image sharpening

Have a 1060 and get over 80fps at 1920x1080

disable temporal aliasing,

where is image sharpening cant find it

same fps 38 aprox. , only change when i change resolutionto 1024 x 768 , i get 75 fps

desactiving antiliasing doesnt change my fps

You may need to update your graphics drivers if you do not see the option.

Also what cpu do you have?

i have ryzen 3900x

i activated it but fps dont change,it was desactivated

Show your task manager GPU usage when the game is running. Also show gpu temps, clocks and usage.

You should be getting over 90 fps at 1080p with those specs

Is the game even using your gpu? at 4% usage

it goes to 14% and down, but idk why host service have 16%



do you know how to change size of msi afterburner text?

Very strange. For me i have a 2700x and a gtx 1060 running at 1920x1080 and i get over 80 fps on Max graphics with ssaa at 100%

yes ssaa at 100% is ok, but with ssa 200% its 35 fps at 1080p for me

well at 200% you are running the game at 4k if you are running at 1920x1080

that could explain it, but why 4k?

well 200% of 1920x1080 is 3840x2160

I have a 2060 super and can easily reach 144 fps. You should definitely put SSAA to 100 ⁒

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