Why this one patch causes so much frustration

Because someone wants to frustrate AOE3 players.

And it was a success.


I guess it’s because we’ve been teased with quite a hefty update in the PUP notes and traditionally the patch is not that far behind the PUP. I’m really eager for the update and I get the frustration, though it’s never worth getting angry as it will always come out at some point and it’s just a (great) game.

To learn from it, a single, pinned thread on here, from the powers that be, would have been the only thing needed.

A simple “Hi guys, it’s the Devs - the update is being worked on and is currently delayed but will be here before xxxxx” would have been very useful. Lock it to further messages, let the Devs update the original if there’s further changes and then done :slight_smile:


You are censoring the noun form of communicate?

Edit: at least in some contexts.

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If we just get the PUP and no new content, whoever is in charge of this content release in aoe series needs to resign. Or get fired. This not only looks bad on aoe3 but also for the future of AOMR and easily for aoe2 as well (that same someone might decide to kill aoe2 just to make 4 more successful).


There are also far more hidden damage than just a delay:
Mod creators and content creators would be unsure when to post their works or start working on new ones as the update might turn all of them obsolete. Their schedules are adjusted according to update schedules, but now they are messed up.


Not to mention that the promotion of this game will make the new game on the block look ugly and lifeless by comparison.

AoE3 hands down looks more interesting, plays more interesting and every shared screenshot makes AoE4 the 2021 game look like it was made in 2001.

Why would they promote AoE3? It was designed to BE promotion material for AoE4. We can’t have the promotion material getting the limelight, can we?


xD You described my situation, I haven’t been able to update my mods in a month, but I’m not complaining either, I understand that the devs had problems and now I wait with burning patience…

Whats sad as i said elsewhere, is after the rough launch of DE since KOTM we were gaining players for every day. we even eclipsed aoe4 at times. Aoe3 had increased ladder use, more events after a long decline, and people of all types casual competitive, singleplayer content and balance for multiplayer. Its not just that it was nice, but it was actively building the playerbase. aoe2 and aoe3 have gone through ups and downs, and it was a perfect time to push for more content.

What did we get? Nothing but slow down and lack of communication. Now our updates are trickled in, we get 0 promotion or advertising, little spoiled. People have started to leave: summer is usually a downtrend but we are back to historic lows in player numbers and ladder (even summer sale we are still down from jan 2022). Balance is now considered stale, with clear winners and loosers atm. and no content in the future does not encourage more people to jump on. And content creators are stuck making a few vids here and there since we dont know when recs could get nuked (Less often now tho)and balance changes will make builds obsolete. That momentum from last summer is gone.

What is there to look forward too? we know that the pup will release some cool stuff, but then they gotta patch it 1-2x cause its hard to get balance right. then nothing. the top civs remain top for the most part and at this current pace will remain so for months. no new battles or civs or modes to look forward to for singleplayer or comp stomps. even issue of ai will not be fixed.

Now will aoe3 “die?” no, the game will chug along as it always has. its still a fun game. but the momentum of content and exposure will crawl and im sure whichever turd decided to make these choices will then declare “see its dying” as executives have done for centuries now. It just sucks. I know WE and FE devs and community managers are trying to work overtime now to salvage choices likely out of their control (I doubt the FE devs made new stuff and wanted to sit on it for the hype to die).

I hope this gets to the ears of those whoever all decides these things. its not enough that you send your employees to clean up avoidable messes and I dont blame them. this could have been a chance to get more buy in and money to play aoe3 with new skins, new explorers, people would pay for. And then microsoft and co get paid to justify budgets and stock, and more funds for future to continue to snowbnall this rts to the best an rts can get in 2023. instead you wasted it all for nothing. Now you got less people to buy things, less future potential buyers, and a playerbase not as generous feeling as before. Silly, but end of day ill keep playing just without the excitiement of the future and less priorty compared to other games just as they have given aoe3 less. gg, no re ig

(this sounds maybe a bit dramatic i know, but i feel like someone has to point out the loss of potential revnue and customers )


The reason is:there are only about 2,000 active players per day, which cannot be compared with games with as many as 7,000 active players per day.

2.000? No we have about 3.500 players daily on steam.

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Good news!
But there is always a gap of 5000+ players with aoe4,don’t think that makes a difference.

Don’t forget that AOE3 DE is a remaster of a nearly 20 year old game and AOE4 a new game that released almost 2 years ago.

We had 5k to 6k last summer when aoe4 had 5 to 7k on avg
We almost closed it which says alot about a 15 year old game vs the newest title.

Also cost effectiveness is a thing if kotm wasnt to pricey to make and sold like 20k units and people wanted more support and watched streams, it shows its worth some investment.

Instead we got…the current situation of delay and delay :frowning:


That is only a valid reason if they decide to abandon the game (which tbh will not make me surprised).

But it still does not explain why they would let someone continue working on the game (with a lot of efforts), then treat it as non-existant, or even waste the work that has already been done.

Even when the game got a huge update last summer, you still saw one patch note and that’s all. Zero mention in the 25th Anniversary of the SERIES.

I can only interpret this as they really hate to profit from their own investments.


And AOE4 needed free civs and a free week to be resurrected :grin:


But there is the truth, now we only have 3,500 players per day except holiday, such as Sunday, but aoe4 got about 8,200 players
If u as management, which game do u want to continue to operate

Aoe3 not belong aoe series.

You really have no clue about the player numbers, on sunday we are just 100 players shy from reaching 5,000 players.

Typing mistake, I mean except

My request is simple and humble:
If you don’t want to work on the game, fine. Tell us. I will be disappointed but not angry.
If you still work on it, do it justice. Don’t let people do the work and pretend it does not exist. That is bully.