Why Wagon Building XP Is Detrimental To The Game

wagon buildings giving XP hurts the game in that it is a guaranteed low risk source of gaining XP with minimal chance of giving XP back to the enemy compared to unit shipments early in the game where XP is the most valuable.

the build xp for a bank wagon is far more valuable at 5 minutes than its bounty xp at 15.

when you ship units you do not gain the build xp for them, instead you need to effectively use those units to gain xp and that takes alot of risk as well as a high chance of giving that xp back to enemy. played poorly they simply end up being a waste of a shipment and give more xp to the enemy than to you, unlike wagon buildings which are guaranteed and have minimal risk.

resource crates meanwhile can be spent on units that again require careful micro managed to gain more xp than they give to the enemy, upgrades and age ups which give no xp at all, and buildings that require much more time to build and therefore have a much higher risk.

due to the great disparity in risk/reward and being the only type of shipment that has a guaranteed refund of xp, i propose that wagon buildings should give no build xp at all.

Its not like you can spam them


for some civs you can, say the hauds, african civs, and usa.

but you could also say the same thing about unit shipments and upgrades which also don’t give build xp and require much more risk and initiative on the players part to gain xp.

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USA uses wood, african civs use influence and hauds use villagerseconds to train them → It should give xp. HC related wagons are not as spamable. Btw you can use your military send from the HC to generate potentially Infinite xp, a Bank Wagon can only once

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Of all the things to complain about…


this again does not correlate with units spawned the same way. unit big buttons, songhai raiders, consulate/royal church units and dog soldier/skull knight ceremony also do not give build xp.

4 villager shipment also does not give build xp, but like bank wagon generates resources. the bank wagon now has the advantage of refunding xp early in the game. losing those 4 villagers to a raid is also much easier than losing a bank early, again reduced risks and increased rewards in comparison.

using military units to gain xp such as 6 tomahawks requires a lot of risks on the players part as well as the initiative to use them early and has a large chance to backfire with easily farmed xp for the enemy with micro mistakes.

meanwhile building a war hut travois does not require that same risk and still refunds xp early. and it can also farm xp by killing units if it lives long enough.

this inconsistency with other shipments along with the great difference in risk/reward is why it should not exist.

Villager- and unitshipments (and crates) are more versatile. The XP Bounty ist not that high. If you are trying very hard maybe you get like one extra shipment out of it after 20 min… Thanks Sir, i’ll take the 6 tomahawks and go treasure hunting …or kill some enemy vills.

Said everything in this topic - out

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