[Why] Was daut banned from L Clan in 2005?

I started playing age a year or so ago, and wasn’t aware of the age community before I was exposed to age of empires again by T90, Memb etc around 2017. So I wasn’t around back in the day, when DauT was a member of the legendary L-Clan. I just stumbling across an entry on the liquipedia of the l-clan and saw that DauT was banned after 3 active years in L-Clan for “political reasons” in April of 2005.

I tried to google it but did not find more information on that, and was curious to know if any of you knows about this!

Not that it would matter to me, it’s almost two decades ago and DauT seems to be a really great guy. I am just curious to find out more about the earlier days of aoe2.

Or is the wording in the liquipedia page slightly wrong / did I misunderstand it and it refers to DauT being banned from internal tournaments that L-Clan organized instead, so that the “political reasons” are that he left the clan?

edit: Looking at the source and additional information the sentence seems to refer to DauT only being banned from an internal tournament after leaving to join ArgoNaut.