Why was in-game chat CODE made in 1982

Why no team ranked support after over a year released?
Why still bugs galore?
WHY still mass cheats in game? Map hacked and desync hacks been in this game for over a year. NOW THEY CARE? Ladder had had map hack on it before even ranked was out.
WHY IS WONDER VISTORY IN 4 V 4 and 3 V3 STILL THERE. You think its fair?

Only thing this game did for me was open my eyes to never buying a game thats on game pass or xbox EVER. Your just going to be disappointed with the cash grab.

kekw , take it easy , we do understand its not what you like , but hey there are still more games in the franchise to play!


Ninety+ percent of bugs have been fixed.

The cost of a Wonder should be lower in 1v1, slightly higher in 3v3. But never, never even consider removing a core symbol of AoE spirit.
Wonder victory has been a fundamental element in Age of Empires 1, 2, AoM, and now 4. It’s what makes AoE, AoE, an appreciation of the greatness of past civilizations and a far better expression of supremacy than burning a few buildings.

You say Wonder is not “fair”. How can an age-old AoE victory condition that is strictly neutral, unbiased and nonpartisan be “unfair” to one of the sides?

Like any game, competitive e-sport side of AoE4 needs time to mature, and isn’t all-important to most players.

Imo, this topic is mostly hollow rant.


1 wonder per player is required.
Easy fix.

Easy. But ultimately dilettante.

Adjusting the cost of a Wonder has a linear, measured effect.

Adding a complex condition for multiple Wonders to all be built at full cost around the same time, all be successfully protected for a very long time, and all still standing at the end is not a linear effect. It is exponentially less probability.

We should keep in mind that 1 army each side, trying to destroy / defend one Wonder, is just as militarily balanced as 3 armies each side, trying to destroy / defend one single Wonder, without exponential dramatic knee-jerks. The only needed adjustment is linear.

Wonder victory is a foundational soul of AoE. What we need is not endless 30-hour 4v4 matches, or making team Wonder victory mathematically virtually impossible.

What we really need is for Wonder victory to be a feasible + realistic strategic possibility in long games, both 1v1 (currently almost impossible) and 3v3 or 4v4. Not too easy to get, not impossible.

The way to do this is linearly as a function # of players, with mathematical analysis.

Anyway, Wonder victory requires a topic of its own.

It would split the cost by player and make it kinda easier that way.

Just build them in one spot.

The cost is kinda to high for 1v1 I guess. So 4x the cost is to high for 4v4.
But it’s easier to balance that way.

Also you can help your allies build it too so only one player has to get all the workers if necessary.

There are other possible solutions.
Make the timer scale by player number but additional wonder reduce the timer.

There have been multiple topics about it.

In a 4v4 game or 3v3 think about it.
How can 4 armys fight 3 armys and break all the walls and get to the WONDER to kill it. You have mass walls, towers, keeps.
Other teams will try and kill the SLOW MOVING siege ONLY.
You tell me how this would be possible to pull off unless the other 4 teams go afk?

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the game we deserved.

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It’s a pretty interesting possibility, I like it. Still, we have basic consensus on what I said.

Not too successful though, idk. The problem remains, both in 1v1 and 4v4.

Maybe we can go through the past topics, and start a new one with a systematic approach.