Why was the sorcerer removed from the Native American metropolises?

I am aware that they want to show the native civilizations in a “correct” way but to remove the sorcerer and have him no longer visible in the metropolis is to a certain extent ridiculous, I understand that the firepit is no longer included but units of healers can still be produced on the community square, to be offended by the “dance” that the sorceress does in the Sioux metropolis (Lakota) seems silly to me, I think that both characters should return to the metropolis as part of the five leaders who can choose to advance to the next age .

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I believe the English word for that leader was “Shaman”. I guess this is the same reason why they removed the fire pit, or summoning animals: they do not want to show the natives as “aboriginal” and “superstitious” as in the “noble savage” trope, so they moved the Shaman into the tent.

I’m not sure if this is a good change.