Why we have two USA and two Mexico in the game?

We have already have the USA and Mexico ## ### ######## there are still USA and Mexico in the revolution factions,that a kind of waste.The rev USA and rev Mexico can be change into other revolution factions.

My advice is:
rev USA(Britain)—— Ireland
rev USA(France)——Morroco
rev USA(Dutch)——Belgium
rev USA(Sweden)——Dermark
rev USA(Italy)——Bosnia
rev Mexico——Paraguay


It could also be Australia.

Definitely not. Moroccans must be a full-fledged civ !!!

The French should get revolutions from their colonies like: French West Africa, French Equatorial Africa and Indochina.


Nooooo !!! Danes must be a full-fledged civ !!!

The ideal revolution option for the Swedes civ and also for the Danes civ would be Norway.

Strange. Of the South Slav nations, only Croatia would make sense as an option of revolution for the Italians civ.

The Bosnians were loyal to the Ottomans if I remember correctly, so they should be portrayed in a more loyal way - e.g. through a unit in the Ottoman Royal House.

In addition, the Italian civ could have the possibility of a Sicilian revolution together with the Maltese civ.

I was thinking of giving some European civs access to these revolution options:
California - Spanish and British civ
Central America - Spanish civ
Texas - Spanish and British civ

USA civ and French civ could get the Dixie revolution option - because the timeframe was the Civil War (which right after the Revolutionary War was the most important in the AoE 3 timeframe for the US).

Only Spanish civs have access to Mexican revolutions, so I think you could give Philippine revolutions in its place.

I have read several times in this forum people complaining that the revolutions of the USA and MEX should not exist if they already exist as independent civilizations, so from this perspective the revolutions would not make sense. I don’t agree with this, because I have a different interpretation of the situation based on certain characteristics of the game. I understand that when you revolutionize you are not founding a new nation, but what is represented in the game is that your colony is joining a pre-existing revolution, the proof of this is that you now have an already established Home City that provides you with the revolutionary cards. You have to consider that during the revolutionary wars, not all the colonial territories were separated at the same time, so a civilization and its revolutionary version can coexist without problems, besides that both versions are quite different from each other, which adds diversity to the game.

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Non-European civs can always benefit from “allying” with existing European civs (even used against them) so that’s not a problem.

Also you don’t need a revolt to literally fight the same civ against itself.

Quite generic and a little bit fantasy, as none of those colonies remained united after they gained independence. There’s also the fact that many of those territories were colonized pretty late in the game’s timeframe (often in second half of the 19th century).