Why would I every make Flemish Militia?

you can create them after you re-boomed, you either make villagers of Flemish militia, you never do both.

I already knew Shatagni was bad, but I admit that I asked about it because I wanted to know exactly why it was bad. Giving HCs increased accuracy would be a far better boost than extra range.
Sicilians have always been kind of odd, so I can see why Hauberk would be complicated. At least it’s a far better tech than Scutage.
I’m fine with Hussite Reforms, though I don’t know for sure how much of an impact the changing of the technologies’ cost from gold to food is.
Carrack is alright. Obviously it’s useless on land maps, but it reinforces the Portuguese’s already bulky ships with more tank potential, sort of making Portuguese ships a form of bridge between generic warships & Korean Turtle Ships.

It’s not totally that. It’s that when you increase their range, because their accuracy doesn’t change, they actually get less accurate. To be better, it needs to at least increase their accuracy to the level where they can shoot at max range with the same accuracy as before getting the tech.

That’s definitely true. I also had to think for about 20 seconds before I remembered what Scutage even did, but Hauberk is preferable.

The thing about Hussite Reforms, most of the players using monks have geared their eco towards gold, so they don’t even have the food eco to support it, and most of the other players probably won’t use monks enough to justify the cost. Letting you create monks for either gold or food would be a lot better, because you can base it on what you have the most of.

I’d love to.

  • Shatagni is the easiest one, HC get +1 range is nice on paper, a nice addition, however it has a price, ragned units begin to attack a target once it enters their maximum range of attack, at 8 range HC tend to miss much more than 7 range, as long as Developers dont increase the accuracy of the HC of Indians (accordingly) this tech will remain just meh.

  • Carrack - simply an overkill, Portuguese are already a strong water civ having so many different bonuses: Ships have 10% more HP, Ships cost 20% less gold and lastly Feitoria as a hyper-late game win condition kind of insurance. Why would you give them also a +1/+1 Armor.
    Oh and of course a great Unique Unit on water, that’s super efficient on mass-vs-mass fights.
    That’s too single-dimensional by the developers, so many other civs could benefit from this bonus.

  • Hussite Reforms - The trash Monk tech. Way too gimmicky considering the late-game is already inflated with Hussars/Light Cav which rule the map at this stage, game is too chaotic to make this trash composition viable. Non-urgent, yet a pointless gimmick that belongs to a civ that already has tons of gimmicks to begin with.

  • Hauberk- Arguably the worst tech in the game in my opinion, the one who murdered Sicilians. It’s no longer one of the most unique civs in the game, it’s now a boom-into-Knights kind of civ, hello Franks, Burgundians etc…
    The potential of Sicilians was so huge, having Donjons and Serjeants (from Feudal Age [!!!]), it was initially a great idea, yet instead of balancing it and making it viable they just turned the civ into a generic one, now it’s balanced though. yay.
    The most painful part about this uninspired tech- is the fact Sicilians Knights are already efficient vs. Pikes to begin with, so now you’re making them resistant to Archers and better that generic Cavaliers? It’s not strategic if it’s not counterable, there is nothing elegant about it.

Flemish revolution should imho turn villagers garrisoned into TCs into militia for a price.
I’d rework the tech into something like that.

Flemish Revolution, cost => 100F 100G, token cost, 60sec
Activate a button in TCs to transform any garrisoned villager into Flemish Militia for 25G, repeatable any time you garrison villagers.
Enables Flemish Militia at Town Centers for 50F 25G.
This way you wouldn’t have 100+ military in 10 seconds, and also would fit better the theme of citizens arming themselves, because they garrison in TC, and for 25G take those weapons and go fighting.
I lowered the cost of Flemish Militia because objectively 60f 25g for that unit is too much, you can’t spam TCs all over the map as you could do with barracks.
With the garrison mechanics you could still get 100 troops, but would require 2500 gold and moving all villagers to your TCs, activate buttons multiple times, not as easy as before, very time consuming.

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I don’t think making units from tcs makes sense even if you removed the tech and changed stats or cost for flemish militia. Reason is simply that your tc gather points will be on resources and it would be super akward to send units there. So you’d only make them after you stopped creating vils. And I’m not sure burgundians have any reasons to make those over paladin and hc or skirms behind. Maybe if you made them ridiculously cheap gold wise but idk.

Btw as of now UU is completely tight to the UT. You never create individual fm after researching the UT. So imo it’s completely fine to get rid of both the UT and the UU.

Burgundians get gold from farming so they probs can use them instead of halberdiers when agaisnt camel civs or something

The author makes a good point… I do not think I have ever seen a Burgundian player choosing to make Flemish Militia outside of Flemish Revolution.

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Because revolutikn is pretty much an all in tactic. You usd it and nuke your economy. If you dont kill your opponent youre prerty much dead.

True but I think its but also they are expensive the best Comparison are Kameyuks and Berserks or Champions with Chieftains and against both they hold up poorly.

The advantage of making Flemish Militia is that they hold up against Champions but Burgundians are better off going HC/Halbs

Flemish militia don’t drop to skirms and don’t die as hard as halbs do to other infantry counters either. But if people wouldn’t make them with their current stats if the transform gimmick was removed, then it could be possible to change their stats to give them a reason to be trained rather than just delete them.

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