Why would I every make Flemish Militia?

After Flemish revolution you have the option of creating Flemish militia from your town centers pointing aside how unlikely you are to get in that position why would you do so? They cost 60F 25G, Compared to an Obuch’s 55F 20G, this seems underwhelming against Calvary they deal the same damage as Kamayuks and 18 less than Halberds. they have a base attack of 12 DMG which is impressive compared to halberdier but they still get soft countered by infantry and archers and at their cost i have a difficult time justifying their creation.

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Well…the reason you don’t have a reason to create flemish militia is because flemish revolution is just a poorly designed tech and overpowered on many games, by the time you research flemish rev you would probably winning because like more than 120 military units are enough to doom your opponent, or you use it but is unsuccesful, then you kill your whole eco to even create the unit at reasonable numbers.

Like I said many times in the past, Flemish revolution needs a rework.


they attack 50% faster than Halbs do, but yeah, numbers say things, and stuff. continue with your point.


True but they also cost 25 more Gold and create out of TC’s

As long as the unit(s) is kept on as a scenario editor thing, they can remove it and FR from the game for all I care.

admit it’s a very rare occurrence for someone to Research Flemish revolution, neither win or lose, successfully reboom, but I want then to be reasonable priced. The ability to create Flemish militia is largely overshadowed for obvious reasons but, it is an interesting ability and most importantly not complete BS.

Don’t remove it just rework the concept
Flemish revolution now allows to transform villagers into flemish militia, each one costs 50f and 20g. and keep flemish militia trained at TCs.


Why would you research it? You pay for a tech and they you have to pay for every militia? That’s a big nerf


Then revert the cost nerf made long time ago, At least adds more strategic choice than the current effect which is lame (and respects the revolution theme).

How About removing the FR entirely and having Flemish Militia just be a unit that you can create from TC is an interesting concept. They would have to be bit OP in castle age to justify idling your TC to make them. But you shouldn’t remove a UU from the game because a tech is BS

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Techs need to be completely removed from the game:

  • Flemish Revolution
  • Paper money
  • Hauberk
  • First Crusade
  • Cuman Mercenaries

And some non-urgent cases:

  • Nomads
  • Mahouts
  • Madrasah
  • Shatagni
  • Orthodoxy
  • Carracks
  • Hussite Reforms

May God be with us.

Be nice if you actually came up with some replacement suggestions for once, rather than just critiquing everything.


Getting to go from 0 to 150 Military by researching a tech is busted

While ideally we should just rework it I believe that the main problem is that the unit has very obvious strengths and weaknesses and that makes the tech either pointless or OP. While we could replace it I think its better to just change the Flemush Militia itself to be cheaper and weaker but better overall against archers

Hauberk, Shatagni, Carrack & Hussite Reforms

Care to explain what is wrong with these four techs? I agree with all of the others, but I want to know what makes these so poor.

I can understand Shatagni, because that reduces the HC accuracy, all it needs to do is buff the accuracy and it will be fine. Hussite Reforms just needs to let the user create monks for either food or gold. Hauberk is a problem, but I think most of that comes from the fact that the -50% bonus damage is too effective for cav. I think it could be good if it was -50%, and -25% for cav, so that they aren’t as good against spears. Carrack is a water tech, so it’s a bit hard to judge.

they are a better version of Champion-line, why wouldn’t you make them.


Because they are fairly expensive and have to be made from a TC? They also follow Flemish Revolution, and you probably want to be focused on the reboom in case the Revolution doesn’t work well enough, so you can’t really afford to create them.

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Simply allow creation of flemish militia in TC upon reaching imp. Locking flemish militia behind a ridiculous UT is really poor.

You could even have a weaker version in Castle Age that upgrades for free. Most people will boom anyway, but if the train time was fast enough and the unit was decent, I imagine it could still get used.