Wild Horses in PvP Arabia!

The Wild Horse is a Gaia animal and cannot be controlled by the player. Wild Horses act in a similar manner to Deer, running away if a unit approaches them. They cannot be attacked by Villagers and hold no food, which renders them purely decorative:

Question: Why do these decorative things exist in a PvP environment, and even appear in the normal and economic minimap as something notable and exploitable respectively?

Predators for example appear only in the normal minimap, as they should because they can cause harm while they hold no food to exploit.

Wild Horses’ existence seems a needlessly nuisance in the PvP environment. The first time I noticed them (through the minimap while in the heat of a match) I confused them with Deer, something pretty annoying.

Really don’t get why maps are so steril. Why not add huntable animals speaded, or just make those horses huntables.


Question: why do you hate fun?

I agree about the minimap tho


Well…somebody could use them as signal to detect enemy troops’ movements


Barring making the map feel more organic, they never spawn near a player base, indicating where the enemy isn’t. They also scare when you move nearby, it can give some indication of enemy movement for attentive enemies.

When you’re scouting searching for your opponent, if come across horses you know your exploring the wrong place. They don’t spawn close to player starting positions.

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