Will AoE 4 get more civs in the future?

Sweden and Spain and Ottomans. Then make 30year war campaign (sweden - hre) and a defense one against ottomans (hre - ottomans) and the second reconquista of iberia (spain - abbassid(the moors)). That be pretty sweet. As hre and abbassid still have no campaigns for them that would make sense imho. Sweden could have fights with rus or english(vikings) in some missions and ottomans could have some against the abbassid when they expanded their empire.

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I really hope there will be more civs and generally more content soon.

Besides missing features from other AOE games should be added.

I think AOE4 is great so far. I would like to see more civs, maps, and to select multiple smaller tunning packs so I can really individualize my games. Until then, I will enjoy playing it just the way it is!

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Was hopping for new dlc by the end of the year but if there just starting to fix Naval Balance and they need a team for it. Dont see any new civs coming anytime soon

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Not really.

Take a world map, put 2 factions and have players pick up faction and play games against each others. More one faction wins more they progress towards world domination.

Make a survival mode where player goal is to withstand countless attacks from different civs / unit comps just like they’re billions and hold for specific amount of time as victory condition.

Add mode for 2v2 or 4v4 where 2 players control one civ.

Its super easy to come up different modes etc that can be fun to play, but the issue is that with small player base it might split the players even more resulting less games in specific mode which can result more ppl leaving. Ofc if new modes bring more players into game then its not really big deal but its RTS game and attracting old players back and new is hard

Campaign itself isn’t really something huge to worry about. Pick a civilization from the right time period and tell their story and how events unfolded. New civ is also easy to make.

new mod brings new people, bring back old ones or bring SP players to try.
DM in aoe2 were existed even with 200-300 players. (they had tourneys etc).

finally, in aoe2 Players were afraid of Empire Wars(everything you said).
But, guess what? It’s fine.

2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 also splitting community

Yeah from your part. You’re very wishful about it. Yes new modes intend is to bring back old and bring new players to game but its a risk which I already explained why. It might or not and if it doesn’t then it can result playerbase getting split and when playerbase is small it can results quality and amount of games that are possible to be played in other modes. Its not hard concept to understand.

RTS genre is not popular genre when compared to moba, fps etc. It requires lot more from player vs other games which are easier to get into. Not many players are willing to do such jump.

Just because something worked in other game it won’t necessary happen here. Its something that needs to be taken into consideration. It might be worth. Don’t get me wrong. I would love new modes or things to do (not interested in campaigns), but its a risk which has high chance of splitting existing playerbase to smaller numbers, but it also has chance to succeed and chance to bring more players into game but its much smaller than not achieving wanted results

Mods keep players interested in the game. Not everyone wants to be locked into playing what someone else wants.

The ones that get sick of 1vs1s or team games will find something else to play. Why theres only 5k average players

Warhammer III is starting to build there player base again cause there’s new stuff added to the game. Not a colour picker and balances


More content is always a positive.

Regardless if it creates balancing issues down the line.

The art of Balance is a never-ending issue.
The only way to balance is having only 1 single Civ with 1 single unit.


Even if you narrow it down to 1 civ.

Then the next balance complai would be complaints netween unit balance.

I.e knights are to strong.
Spears are to useless. Etc.

So adding more Civs isnt going to change the debate on balance regardless.

As long as the game runs on core unit with a few unique units.
Adjusting new civs is into the current balance isnt going to be a impossible task.


it’s “experience”, not feelings

:DD There is more failing modes and games than there is successful games and modes.

at least i was talking about leaking auditory, not failing mods or games.

I’m now level 300 and I have almost 2000 hours of play, I think age of empire 4 will fail if they do not add new civilizations, there are already many ideas from the community that could be very interesting to be inspired by, obviously I don’t want the game to fail, but it’s repetitive, despite all the new fixes that obviously can only improve the game, I just think it’s been a really long time and it would take some new civilization, to bring fresh air


To be honest I don’t understand why they are so secretive about adding new civilizations to this game. The game is out and has been for soon a year and no news about it yet.

They need to start sharing these kind of updates asap because the silince doesn’t do them good only damages the game. It doesn’t matter if we need to wait a bit to get it, only to know it’s coming will help a lot.


Would be good if they had more twitch streams with the progress of the game. Makes it feel like there not really doing much.

If they where working on new civs even small details and pics would hype the game more


What would new civilisations actually add to reduce repetitiveness? I mean new civs would need lots of fine tuning (talking of months) again to make them viable against other civs and after a few weeks the game would be considered repetitive again. In my opinion repetitiveness can only be avoided adding elements for strategical decisions to the game that vary in every match.

There have been talks before about hill bonus. In combination with the random map generator imo it would be a very powerfull feature to reduce repetitiveness. Elevation distribution is just different on every map. Also i still think that projectiles should be changed. E.g. it would be great if an arrow shot from a TC missed its target whenever the unit is out of the TC’s range. Also arrows could generally miss target when the enemies micro is just superior and he’s putting lots of effort into it.

That’s kind of the problem I have with AoE atm. There’s too many situations where you really lack options because you can only go for the economic ones. Can’t make a big difference with army control and as a result we have a game that gets repetitive quite fast. But well, I doubt those two proposals are anywhere near to be considered.

Just because the game has other issues doesn’t mean that adding new civlizations for us to play as won’t improve on the game in other aspects. And I’d say that AoEIV is finally in a solid state (where it should had been when it launched) so now we need to start getting new content added more frequently and new civilizations is a good step in the right direction.

It’s been soon a year since the release of AoEIV, we have to get new civilizations shortly.

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I’m not against new civilisations. In fact i’d welcome new civilisations too but I don’t think they will add something to repetitiveness in the long term.

As I said adding new civilizations is one of many things they should be doing, it’s been nearly a year now with improving upon the game. The time has come for adding new civilizations and then focus on improving the game.

I don’t know about it being repetitive, play any game for too long and too often and it will become repetitive and you will feel burnt out. It’s an RTS game, it follows the same structure as most RTS games out there, so not sure what you mean by that.

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As I said I am by no means against adding new civilisations. I don’t think it will do alot reducing repetitiveness (in the long term) though.

As for games being repetitive it is not a binary thing. There’s games that are more repetitive than others and by adding certain elements like hill bonus you can certainly reduce repetitiveness for AoE4 due to the random map generation.