Will AOE4 have a good soundtrack like AOE2 / AOE3?

It’s a simple question folks
will the soundtrack be as ICONIC and EPIC as the one in AOE2 and AOE3?

(like that)

Or will it be cookie cutter generic “clash of clans” type of generic music…I hope not


In my opinion neither of these games have good soundtracks. 3DE added nothing and 2DE was slightly better than HD but still bad.

They did add Civilization themes which are very good, in AOE3DE.

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Would be more interesting if the soundtrack was relative to what civ you chose, so you have fully unique soundtracks for each civ

it would require more time but it would be much better than the current

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They kinda did that in AOE2DE , which you can select if you want “inmersive” soundtrack that fits the civ you pick, but with already existing music

i’d be cool if they did that but with unique music for every civ as you said in AOE4, but I doubt i’t will happen.

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Nice to see you use that feature too, @IcarusDuCer.

I would say that some AoE1 soundtracks are far better than AoE2/3 has.

Good examples are: Cradle of Civilizations, Whirling Dulcimer and Revolt of Spartacus.

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@DapperTrout1297 here is absolutely right. AoE I has the best soundtrack of all AoE games.

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Not a fan of civ themes playing over the first minute of gameplay. I want to hear the same “doo doo…doodooodoo” at the start of every game.

AoE1 has great soundtrack especially the DE version of it.