Will AOE4 launch skin?

Some of the early settings in the game were really great, such as the unified and harmonious roof colors of Chinese buildings. In contrast, the current roof color scheme makes Chinese buildings look messy, messy, and unattractive. If AOE4 could launch a skin system that allows players to freely adjust the skin and models of units and buildings, it would be too cool.


Interesting to see mongol stone towers in that last image.


That’s also my most interesting point, those towers look closer to the real Great Wall towers than Chinese stone towers.

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These graphics and textures look more refined than in the game, will there be a true high-definition material pack?

They’re actually very similar, the video has just been smoothed (almost excessively, even though parts of the game at the moment would benefit from looking less aliased). The lighting looks poorer / flatter than the game has ever looked, too.

I’m hoping the devs bring more visual diversity to the game, but I’m assuming concepts from before the game was released were abandoned for reasons that came up during development.

What matters is what they do from now on, really. A lot of folks want skins. Seems like there’s a lot of appetite for it. Would be silly to ignore that.

Hell, I would buy all those good-looking and cool skins for money.

Current Mangudai skin is the worst in the AOE series, I swear, AOEII did Mangudai skin 100x times better.
Hope they release skins for all civs.

how bout the default is improved to smt decent first, then sell variations of it if you really have to

I don’t know about that, they don’t even change weapons that already exist.
But I am sure, that they will release a skin for money.

what are those videos where can i find it

I didn’t look for them in depth but if you go to bilibili which is a site similar to YouTube but only in Chinese, if you follow what’s written up here, in the images, you’ll find it even if it were, I think it’s just some overview close to civilization that we already know, nothing particularly special.

I still found the video to put the link

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