Will AutoQueue ever be in the game? (not a rant)

FIrst, sorry for the layoff news that came out not long ago. I really hope the employees get a remuneration.

Second, thanks to the developpers for continuing the upgrading of this game.

Now to the point: Will AutoQueue be implemented in the game?
I know an argument against this is the fact they want to keep the game’s micro-managing on point. But there is a thin line between micro-managing and tedious work.

The system was perfect in Age of Mythology. Why not include it here?

because in AOM that was not perfect.
Maybe it can be implemented on some building like TC for let the game more “noob friendly”

do tell me, why?
Its too tedious to always queue a villager one at a time (since alt queuing disrupts the ressources available)

by auto-queuing, you can ensure a continuous flow of villagers while you keep your eyes on other matters of the game.

3 main reasons:

it’s linearize the gameplay and each economic difference between civs was a way more visible and unfair per moment with autoQ because of this mecanics. It’s not just the fault of the autoQ but if your game is to much linear each “unfair” difference can begin to be fastly very bored.(the famous full isis moment in AOM meta was a good exemple of that). And AOE4 DEV are not really proactiv on patch.

it’s more difficult to “out micro” someone. For competitiv aspect of the game it’s important to let the place of “skill”.

The end game gameplay was very bored with autoQ. With autoQ you have to much time for microing. And in endgame that was very simple. You put your rally point on ennemy base and you select each unit for microing it on the enemy unit. You do that 20 mins and win.

i’m not opposit to autoQ for TC i think to it make sense and that can pull new player with less playing time and less mecanics. But not for military building.

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That could actually be a fair mechanic.

AQ for TC would be fine by me. Not for military building .

Because the fact to ALWAYS check your tc if villagers are pumping out is just too tedious and less interesting. Not fun at all. I understand the ‘‘skill ceiling’’ argument, but competitiveness should not undermine fun.

pretty agree on TC why not. but you need to convice DEV not me ^^

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Ease of access has its place and time. When it is truly about ease of access, then I can understand heeding to those suggestions. But, in this case, you are putting ease of acess vs core mechanics of the game, and pretending that it isn’t that important.

Fun isn’t directly tied to ease of access. Though games can be seen as interactive experiences that can extend from highly mechanical gameplay to educational entertainment or even fully immersive experiences, it doesn’t always mean that what makes one game fun is the same as what makes another fun.

In a game like an RTS that takes the classical route of creating artificial barriers and challenges to create fun, it is vital for the game’s sense of purpose. You can argue a lot over what mechanics specifically belong in this grouping, but the case is usually that there are a bundle of them that make up that core set of challenges.

The designers themselves tend to have a set blueprint in mind for where the line is. But, removing these little things that prevent the players from automatically winning is dangerous without foresight. For one won’t know when the “fun” in that gameplay breaks until it does.

If all of this is not clicking, think of a game like Minecraft and compare the regular gameplay to creative mode. Though both can be seen as games where one is more mechanical oriented and about fantasy, the other is almost a playground for your creativity. These are designed distinctions and one should be exceptionally careful not to attempt to blend the two, lest you end up with a mess.

Although I do not think AutoQ is specifically the mechanism that would trigger the slippery slope, I do believe that it does more good than bad in this kind of setting. A game like AOE wants you to focus on more than combat, such as your economy, map control, resources and so on. Keeping track if creating villagers is the bare minimum in this line of thinking.

A very small example of how gameplay feel gets influenced by this, is multiple TCs. AutoQ would remove the rewarding feeling of creating multiple villagers at once. And as a reminder, this is not the reason why I want this to be in the game to begin with. But, rather that, it is one of the first few challenges that creates a disctintion in players.

Ultimately, RTSes are tedious games. The suggestion to prune this, is misunderstanding the genre, or at least, misunderstanding this game that is really attempting at being a second AoE2–which is why we play it.

In summary, that RTS should not evolve, they should continue to have a very high skill floor that prevents many potential players from trying the genre and having some automated things is NOT the essence of an RTS (it is not true).

1 - Whether it’s rewarding to make villagers from multiple TCs is your value judgment, I know many more players who find it tedious.

2 - You have to continue focusing on the economy and resources (knowing how many buildings to build depending on the number of villagers, knowing how to place the correct villagers for each resource to optimize and select upgrades at the right time), map control, micromanagement, etc

3 - The global queue can be a “problem” if you make a lot of military units of a type that you forgot to change (but that’s up to the player) or if you prioritize the military (by having several buildings) and stop making villagers.

What problem is there in putting training wheels on the bicycle for the new ones?

I would like to see the automatic queue in custom and see how it behaves.

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as someone who had a beef with autoqueue of AOM, i suggest make it a toggleable option in custom lobbies, that way you dodge the negative effects it’d otherwise have on game with more skilled players


Why stop at auto queue? Auto Scout, auto micro, auto macro, auto everything.

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Making it toggable is a good idea Too!!

I think you’re reducing to absurdity to discredit an autoqueue into something determinate and uninteresting.

I don’t agree with automating arrows fired from defensive buildings (I didn’t want the siege target priority system either), but in tedious tasks and as a gateway to new ones, it could be a good option.

So in AoE2 we remove the automatic farms, that everything has to be needed more and more tedious APM?

There is Autoscout in AoE2.

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It’s a meme lol. MBL auto everything

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auto master boar lamer give autoopinion about autoscout.

On topic:

  1. why anyone wants 4 resources and AutoVils? I do not get it.
  2. i think stormgate will introduce much more interesting idea:
    one tab to queue any unit.
    i understand it wont exactly solve an issue, but it’s compromise which literally affect only UI
  3. options or mods for unranked - it’s always - great idea.
    may be it can be done in editor… but editor is complex, that only a few mods were born in not equal fight.
    noone will do it… and devs 99.99999999% wont do it either. (they did not make advanced settings even).
    So if someone truly want - the only way to get PhD at modding and try themselves.
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