Will developers work on graphics post lauch?

Hey there , i know that it is a usseless topic to talk about but i want some serious answers.

Will you make a graphic dlc for free for those who likes to have better textures like in aoe2 DE? or you are gonna work on graphics post launch , maybe adding another category to graphics called MAX SETTINGS .

I think that models & graphics are nice but lighting needs serious work. Why dont you developers work on making the shadows brighter ? that would give the look of X019 imo.


If you work more on volumetric lighting it would make wonders too.

Have a good day!


I would like AoE 4 to be closer and closer to the trailer from 2019.


yeah it would be really nice!

It is very unlikely. Post release changes will likely be new content, not improvements to existing stuff.


ok , well . i really hope for a graphics dlc like aoe2 had.

I’d like a date with Katee Sackhoff.


i actually like to be more brighter ! but we can adjust saturation in settings so its not a problem

This is as close as you can get to the AoE4 artstyle. Make the units look like this at max setting and I have no doubt people will be happy

Brightness is not Saturation.

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graphics seems OFF and the GOLD everywhere is so ugly XD.

All what matter to me is gameplay but I will be happy if they improve that part.


Aoe4 already had both volumetric fog and lighting in the open beta? (Particularly noticeable on large cliffs etc)

Why would you want shadows “brighter”? Do you mean darker (more contrast, i.e. bright shadows that contrast well) or lighter, literally less light, (more ambient light).

The shadows and lighting in your image you’ve chosen look great?

I’m confused.

Furthermore, no need for a ‘graphics DLC’ as all the current assets are high res inc. textures etc. What you really want is to muck around with the lighting and post processing to get the desired look your after. This is very much within the realm of easy mods. Just wait 3 months after release and bam, you’ll get a postprocess graphic grunge mod and be happy.

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im not saying that aoe4 looks bad , it looks epic IMO! , im just asking if they are gnna improve them , like a dlc , imo gold vines are actually really cool!

It looks epic for me!

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I’m gonna explain , it seems that a lot of us are confused .

Yeah , but I would like to have a better volumetric lighting , the screenshot i used is from the 2019 trailer but it doesn’t look that good anymore.

I want them to be less darker because that makes them more realistic.

I really like the current graphics though but I would like to see if they have plans on releasing a DLC like in aoe2 DE.

Oh… well. I think that they should add an option to toggle that.

Haha weird, The shadows in you screenshot above already look darker/as dark as real shadows are in the middle of bright sunny day.

A big problem with with being 500m or so above ground level is that very rarely do people actually get a good look at what the real world looks like -The best example is water - everyone thinks water in games is hyper-realistic - but this is only true for FPS. If you were to put hyper-realistic water into a RTS itd be a boring blue sheet with no/very little reflections and relatively tiny waves, and many ugly white-caps. Thats just what water looks like when you look at it from above… so they always fake it and make the water ‘too big’ and too transparent. It looks beautiful, but its just funny to be how people who want the game to be “more realistic with more water reflections etc” dont realise this xD


Yeah that’s right , I think they had improved lighting since the closed beta , it’s much better now .