Will devs ever respond?

A patch cannot come soon enough. Issues like the bugged lobby browser may be complex but there is no excuse for leaving steppe cancers unchanged this long after release.

I hope they make an active effort to balance the UP civs that have been left in the dirt, and nerf the mesos, but for now I’d just be happy to see some adjustments to cumans and lancers.

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Scroll speed is only half of voobly/HD. To most this isn’t a big deal but when you’ve formed habits relying on fast scrolling, it’s painful when something so simple ruins your games.

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dont think scroll speed is half of voobly… HD felt really erratic with its scroll speed… DE seems fine

Set scroll speed to max on voobly and DE and set DE zoom to 50%. Time how long it takes to move the camera from one side of the map to the other and it’s about double as long for DE. With enhanced graphics I think it is a bit faster than without, but still way slower than voobly.

Honestly, you don’t even need to time it. Just go back to voobly and tap the edges of the screen and you can tell how much they’ve messed it up in DE.

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Yes, max scroll speed is a lot slower than on Voobly

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December patch coming soon! Find more info about it here: https://www.ageofempires.com/news/age2-december-update/



That is exactly what we need. We all want to see this game grow and collaborate with you developers to continue improving the game we love.

Thank you!


Has there been any further progress or plans about it? :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be nice, but, surely, that would open a can of worms with everyone wanting, nay, demanding, things they want. “Why isn’t this coming? When is that coming? How can this be seen as higher priority than that?” Etc. :upside_down_face: Might be better off just releasing the patch when it’s ready, thereby ripping the band-aid off in one fell-swoop, so to speak. Strongly negative posts will happen no matter what they do, why encourage them even more pre-patch :smiley: I could be off-base, but do you think this would be a problem?

Seeing the roadmap would motivate community to give feedback about it which should result in features/fixes most wanted by community given higher priority. People have different preferences, but public discussion would hopefully result in most pleasing decisions for community.

Could even do polls about which features/fixes are most wanted.


Good points and idea. I like this.
Sometimes, I feel it depends on where the devs are at in their roadmap of things, as to whether or not they should publicize. They’ve seen discussions on a lot of things, including things during the beta that may or may not have come up in the public forums. They have a lot they could work on – and would, likely, generally have a good handle on what are quick wins, important to work on, critical to work on, fun to work on, etc., and a good handle on what to prioritize based on forums, servers, resources available, etc. But public discourse on their roadmap could, certainly, be good. As a fan, I always love to see this type of stuff rather than be in the dark. But when I think of the distractions and criticisms it could generate, I sometimes wonder if it’s for the best to just focus on what you think is right (or know is right based on keen observations) and release it when ready (for this, or any game franchise).