Will laming guide be useful?

Recently I have been lamed a lot by Mongol players. I still think laming is slightly too OP these days, so what I do is that I practice Mongol laming as well.

I am actually surprised that there are no guide on how to lame (or rather, how to scout) properly with Mongols and I am not sure if such a guide would be useful?

There is no real need to since it’s the same as normal scouting, just better.

It slightly differs from normal scouting - with Mongol scouting, you should direct near the center instead and spot the “base features” (4 golds, 4 stones etc). This is much faster than what you do usually, i.e. circle around the map.

Also I feel like people don’t abuse the advantages of laming correctly - so many people went to push their own deer afterwards, where the correct response is to push away your opponent’s deer

I think it’s better to discourage laming then to make a guide about how to do it. I would even be a fan of making it that starting scouts can’t attack any animals, not just deer. Naturally not including wolves.

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See my previous discussion: Laming balance suggestions on Arabia

I think that there are too few people that (correctly) abuses laming at this moment so it is not getting enough attention. However when it is abused it is really powerful (on average I can get a 2 sheep advantage every game). Maybe by making such a guide we can get more attention to how badly laming can be.

Btw boar laming is not really “necessary” to lame (and thus your fix wont fix everything) - for most of the time if the boar is in a bad position I would just grab the two sheep, then body-block my opponent’s luring vill.

Blocking requires some skill and APM though. Killing their sheep, stealing their sheep, or stealing their boar requires a fair bit less so. My suggestion may not fix everything, but it will help reduce the common laming strategies.