Will normel/quick match mmr be reset, when ranked comes online?

I’m quite curious if anybody knows the answer to this, or if a dev could answer this question for me.
Also, i m quite interset how other people think about this.

In my opinion, the mmr should be reset for normal/quick match. While I am a very competitive player trying to get past the rank 500 barrier. I do also enjoy playing casual with dumb builds and stupid starts that would never ever work for my normal/quick match games currently. I would love if normal game mmr would be reset together with ranked being playable.

Side Note, I love the new patch and i m looking forward to coming back to a great RTS :slight_smile:

I suspect ranked MMR will always reset at Season Start, so we’ll all be at 1k or 800 Elo or w/e the default is.

I don’t see much of a reason to reset QM Elo. Even if you have a lot of silly games (I mean, I play half my games drunk lol), Elo adjusts very quickly in 1v1 at least. QM IS for silly games, IMO.

(of course this is also in favor of adding Ranked to teams…)

It’d be a shame to dunk on low ELO players for five or ten games by resetting QM ELO.