Will The Camel Beat A Paladin 1v1?

Will Post Imp Imperial Camel Beat A Paladin 1v1 fight? Or even a Saracen Camel beat them?

Strongest paladin types: Teuton Paladin, Frankish Paladin, or Lithuanian Paladin with 4 relics. Will the Imperial Camel or Saracen beat thoes Paladins in a 1v1 fight? Lithuanian one is not a big issue. Since if they got 4 relics, it basically game over anyway in a 1v1 game.

If Camels get nerfed too badly. What’s the point of making camels then if they can’t beat Paladins?

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Yes, a Heavy Camel will beat a Paladin 1v1.

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Same for Indians? With the upcoming nerf with the anniversary update?

Yes, Indians will just die against Infantry civs now, specially because no FU Hussars anymore.

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camel can counter paladin better than halb also it has mobility

It can also counter Cavalry Archers, which Halbs realistically cannot.


I think not. I find it less effective because of gold cost. In most cases halberdiers are better imo.

Imperial Camels will have +2 Atk and +20 HP over regular Heavy Camels. They only lack melee armour compared to them.
They will still be objectively better against literally everything. It just got closer (have the same pierce armour now should be a lot more crucial overall than lacking 1 melee armour).

And as others said, even a FU Heavy Camel beats a Paladin 1v1, so an Imperial Camel does so for sure.
So Imperial Camels went more into the direction of being a very good camel unit and are not that much of a Cavalier/Paladin substitute anymore.

The more I think about it, the more I like the change. I just hope CA and Hand Cannoneers get buffed a bit, so Indians have more flexibility, especially for 1v1s.

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Best case for the Paladin is Lithuanian with 3 or 4 relics.
In these cases the Paladin wins 1 on 1.

120/(14+1+3) = 6.66
160/(7+18 - 2 +1) = 6.66
But the paladin attacks slightly faster

Why you didn’t consider bloodlines?
Lithuanians with 3 relics -
180/(7+18+4-5) = 7.5…8 hits for camel to beat Paladin
140/(14+4+4-3) = 7.37…8 hits for Paladin to beat Camel.
Paladin wins due to higher rof.

Lithuanians with 0-2 relics -
180/(7+18+2-5) = 7.5…8 hits for camel to beat Paladin
140/(14+4+4-3) = 8.24…9 hits for Paladin to beat Camel.
Camel wins

Franks -
192/(7+18+4-5) = 8…8 hits for camel to beat Paladin
140/(14+4-3) = 9.33…10 hits for Paladin to beat Camel.
Camel wins

Teutons -
180/(7+18+4-7) = 8.18…9 hits for camel to beat Paladin
140/(14+4-3) = 9.33…10 hits for Paladin to beat Camel.
Still Camel wins but with 5 HP instead of 20.

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but camels can actually force an engage and win supply for supply. halbs do not.


This is wrong, Cavaliers and Paladins are the closest unit in the game to “just a very good unit” since they are THE generalist units by design. The whole Knight line is, it is literally decent against everything.

If the Imperial Camel was trying to be just a good unit, then it indeed was working as a Knight replacement (it was, successfuly), rather tahn just being a counter unit like the generic Camel line.

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it is difficult for me to run after paladin throughout the map with halb

and frankly, if you let lithuanians get 4 relics, you deserve to lose.

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Halberdiers are purely a defensive unit, taht is there to make sure Siege and Archers do not get stomped on by Cavalry.
Camels are a reactionary unit that forces the enemy to retreat completely, of have his Cavalry crushed.

Halbs cannot really pusnish a Cavalry player, they rely on other units to deal the real damage, while they kep Cavalry away with their impressive bonus damage.
Camels will make a Cavalry player tech-switch completely, or face the fact that he will never be able to mass enough Cavalry to even raid, since teh Camels can actually go into the enemy base, and kill the Cavalry as it spawns.

uhm, that’s basically what I wrote though?! So I dont understand your “This is wrong”-claim…
Before the nerf they were somewhere in between, now they’re far more on the Camel side of things.

I misread it originally, and only figured it out after readig twice. Sorry.

True, but now Indians have no main offensive unit to push, or a viable counter to Mass Huskarls.

They never had counters vs Goths or American civs.

They did. FU Hussars beat Huskarls any day.
It is actually the best counter to them, since the Huskarls will rusn laps around Champions.

I usually use Halbs for defense same as Camels , my offence units are different for most cases. Camels can catch up Palas but cannot force an engage.If Pala player wants to run he can run anyway. Camels cannot do much in enemy base. And Halbs are easy to combine with other units because they are cheaper.

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