Will the new Age of empires have very difficult achievements?

I hope it is at the level of the conquest of age of Empires CS, what is your opinion? :slight_smile:

i don’t still get it why people care about achievements. Sometime looks like people buy game only because of them…

It would be nice to have hard achievements.Its quite fun to try and hunt achievements, especially if you have to play differently to get them.

I hope so! Give me something I can challenge myself for (although the AoE2HD achievements were a little boring - like winning 100, or 1000 matches…). Then again, what could you even do for AoE that doesn’t involve things like # of won games?

I hope it give a it, achievements give a good kick to play harder and bring ideas for new better strategy

Achievements never really interest me. Especially not with games like this. Sure it’s nice to know I just won my 100’st match but that’s about it.

I prefere a competitive game.

For me, achievements aren’t that important. But please make all of them achievable. Some of them should be hard but not impossibly so and none should be locked just because you didn’t pre-order or something. If someone arrives late to the game, they should still be able to get all achievements by playing the game a lot.

Well spend some time and try to do some Hard achievs isn’t bad in games llike World of Warcraft at strategy games i dont think there is any reason to do achievs especcially hard ones without a small extra reward.
Maybe after gather some achiev point you can unlock extra secaniors at least just somthing to give you a reason to finish them.

I would love some actual good achievements that make the game interesting. Like the pacifist run in undertale