Will the Palace be back?


I noticed that in the map editor of AoE II DE, the Palace disappeared… It was actually quite useful, for instance to show on a map remnants of ancient peoples that could not be put on the map. Do you know if it will be back with a still-to-come update?

I know that another topic mentionned that point, but it seemed to get no answer…

Thanks in advance to all!

Meneldil, France

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Check the building tab for Rock Church and Sankore Madrasah.

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Yes, I had thought about that. But these are but two wonders out of 35… It’s still quite limited.

Is there a way to pass the idea to the developing team? Maybe they could add that to a next update… But I don’t know how to contact them (my Microsoft account has a problem, I can’t log in).

Or maybe someone could develop a mod (not me, given my extremely limited talents with computing).

Thanks anyway !


No problem. I guess these forums are the way to contact the development team… so you can’t contact them directly, I bet everyone would have so much stuff they want to share them it would become pointless.

Modding is indeed a way of course. If no one else cares for it though, it usually comes down to the person interested to itself learn how to mod.

Ok, that’s good to know. :wink: Any idea about how to start? Really start, I mean. ^^

The Palace object still exists, it’s just hidden. You can unlock it by using Advanced Genie Editor 3 which is shipped with the game. You can find the tool in your aoe 2 de folders, it’s in a sub folder named “Tools_Builds”


Wow, that’s great! Thanks a lot, I didn’t know that tool. It seems very useful, but a bit complicated too. ^^ Would you be so kind as to explain me how to unlock the Palace once you’re inside Advanced Genie Editor? Many thanks in advance!

Sorry, never mind! It was not that complicated after all. I found out myself. Well, thanks again, BassiAoC, you’ve been a lifesaver! ^^

You’re welcome!
Keep in mind that using that tool does changes to you .dat files. Make a back up of those!

The Palace only has 28 variation building frames. The Wonders from Rise of the Rajas and the Last Khans are not there.

I’ve noticed that, yes. Of course it’s still much better than nothing. Do you know how to add the missing Wonders? I’ve tried with Advanced Genie Editor but I’ve not succeeded.

It’s just not possible to give one building more angles/rotations.

But there are a few frames for houses?

The way I get it is that’s the cap. 28. A way to implement this would be to make a “Palace 2” building and give that the rest of them as rotations.

I did a test of the palace buildings. Deleting them doesn’t have the collapsing animation. It just disappears to be replaced with rubble 5x5 only. :frowning:

Yes, that is correct!

Yes, there is no workaround for that, that’s why we made it hidden, since implementing the destruction animations would take a lot of additional GB which did not seem reasonable at some point (the game size is already quite large).

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Maybe why not add all the palaces as editor units like you have for some like the Gol Gumbaz. Rather than one large file. They would only draw on existing game graphic files but could be created by triggers etc for campaigns.

I’d love that! But the “Palace 2” idea is also great, after all the destruction animation is not as important as the existence of the building, I think.

It would be important if a destruction of an important building/palace was key to the objective.