Will the rotation of the map be AoE 4?

Depends on the game. TW games have always pushed the limits of graphics at the time they were made. Even then, the minimum requirements aren’t too high.

Total War games have thousands of men on the field at one time, way more than AoE4 and they have a 3D turnable/tiltable camera. That is no excuse to lower graphics quality (and I’m not saying I dislike graphics, I like them)

It’s not completely a fair comparison though because AoE games treat units as individual and Total War treats (most) units as part of a squad. There is some individuality for units (such as health), but a lot of the AI is handled on a per-squad basis, so the game ends up dealing with 20 “things” per player instead of the 200 “things” per player that AoE 4 deals with.


That involves CPU, rotating a camera would involve GPU, which, squad or no squad, that many men on the field has a hit on the GPU, especially the newer ones that make soldiers look slightly different, walk different, different fighting animations, ect



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but Its possible this just rotates the minimap?
Not sure anymore how these buttons worked in age 2, I think the changed the whole view there aswell as the minimap?

Impossible, look from 02:13:

the minimap rotates, but also also what we see on the map.

If they’ve just put those options to rotate the mini map then I’m sure they will not highlight is as feature.

No AOE3 classic did not rotate. I don’t think the full edition did either, but the DE game might. I only play the classic version of the game (AOE3), so I don’t know…

In TAD you can rotate. See above.

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Yes it is .
It is the first thing in the settings that I noticed . [Shift+Roll Wheel]

the map rotates in the gameplay trailers. so your answer will be: yes the map rotates. it also does in aom and aoe3

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