Will the rotation of the map be AoE 4?


Does anyone know if the rotation of the map will be in the game?

Was the map rotating in AoE 3?

I don’t know if the developers mentioned that there would be map rotation in the game?

Thanks for the anwers?

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No, map did not rotate in AoE3, I hope it does in AoE4

Well, we will probably see it until 28.10.2021.
Because turning the map is another secret

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Is rotating the map the same as rotating the camera? We rotate the camera in AoEO so not including that would be a step backwards


heheh You’d be surprised at how true this is.

Something to consider, you actually loose a lot , being able to rotate the map/camera.

  • Buildings have to be designed to viewed from every angle, rather than just 1, specific gameplay angle. (I seem to remember AoeO simply rotating all the buildings on the spot to null this however, although I can’t quite remember it well, or whether it applied to all buildings)
    This point is really important, as every Age game heavily emphasises the “likeness” of building silhouettes, so they are recognisable across architectural styles. This is much harder to achieve with rotated buildings or camera angles.

-You gain a huge amount of optimisation potential when you know from which angle buildings are viewed, note the back faces of all Age3 buildings are quite bare, and uninteresting, barely a plant pot or window to break up the flat surfaces.

  • Lots of people loose their 3D/space/orientation when they rotate the camera or map, thus most people don’t actually use this feature much ingame.

Whilst I agree its a “neat” feature, there are plenty of game-design reasons of why I would not be surprised if they decided to not include it, or at least not make it very advertised, hidden behind hotkeys somewhere. As the game is in a 3D engine, implementing it is a non-issue, that even mods may be able to do.

I know at least building rotation mods can be achieved in AoM without breaking the multiplayer.

tldr: Be careful what you wish for, rotation sounds neat, but it comes with gameplay baggage, and not really necessary.


Yes, we can rotate the map as we’ve seen in the gameplay videos where mini-map was rotated at some points. This means camera was rotated.


You can rotate the map in AOE3.

You can not rotate in AoE3

I’m pretty sure in some gameplay they rotated the camera, so yes, in AoE IV this will be a feature.


This. This is why I don’t like 3D at all in an RTS game. Rather than optimize the one view that will be played at 99% of the time, you have to allocate design resources to develop all 3D angles. It has to look nice from all angles, which could take away from the primary angle. On top of that, it unecessarily increases the computer specs requirements.


If you have gone the wrong direction, returning to a good path involves going back.

You haven’t played much AoEO, but a weird pot shot at its, um, camera rotation? These AoE2 players. Bless your hearts. I hope you find joy in AoE4.


It’s true, I haven’t and have no opinion on AoEO. I am merely pointing out that something existing in a newer release is not itself justification for the feature. I’ve played RTS with 3D and camera rotation and it usually involves a few seconds of spinning the camera around and zooming in and then returning to standard view and saying “Well that was pointless. How much of my computer’s resources are being eaten up by this feature?”


Just for once I’d like to see a RTS be shot with orthoscopic camera (or a non-square projection camera, or a camera very far away but with tiny field of view)… that way you get all the neatness of 3D (units rotating and moving naturally), real terrain, and vector based that can explode/ have physics, all sorts of nice graphics, but you maintain that 2D camera-like feel.

You’ll note that League of Legends actually does this, the camera is done in such a way to remove the unnecessary perspective, making clicks more accurate etc. You’ll note the minimap ‘square’ representing what the screen can see is actually a square (well rectangle =P) … and not a trapezoid like AoM or AoEIII, or AoeO.


How to rotate the camera in AOE3:

They have shown something like it in the fan preview trailer. But still don’t know it was actually in game rotating map or something.

from what I saw, i would say yes. it looks like it is a true 3d game with free camera, or at least very tiltable and turnable …
Which would also explain the units havng fewer details, the art stlye etc.

Have you guys seen any of the video material we have seen from AoE4 so far.
They rotate the camera all the time.
Look at the minimap in half of the shots “North” is not up.


…Total War games…

I never messed with the settings too much, so I never found that. My apologies, you were right.

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What does your “total war games” tell me?
They offer a vastly different scale and focus.

I was merely saying that if age 4 is true 3d this may explain other choices. Also correct me if I am wrong but I think TWs min system requirements are a bit higher than ages?

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