Will the Teamgame Elo ever be fixed?

Teamgame Elo has been inflated for a long time but I feel like it just keeps getting worse.

At some point I was TG Elo 1750 and Rank 5000.
A few month later I was also TG Elo 1750 but Rank 10.000.
That means, either the number of people playing ranked doubled (which is not the case) or: the Teamgame Elo of everyone is increasing!

That does not make any sense or at least that is not how an Elo system should be working.

I even saw a lot of people who had only a 1v1 elo of about 1000 but a TG Elo of 2000.

Right now it seems your Teamgame Elo depends more on the amount of games you play rather then your winrate…

Because the TG Elo is broken Teamgame Tournaments use the 1v1 Elo of participants to rate their skill group…

Will it ever be fixed?
Will the Devs at least sometime mention what is wrong with it?


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