Will there be a scenario editor?

I have been looking around and cant seem to find any information on the scenario editor? Will there be one, and will it be one similar to AoM, with triggers, qvars, etc?, my fondest memories have been in the editor, making custom games that people enjoyed playing online.


every AOE has an editor so it should be available on launch.


I would have assumed so, as well. Except, from reading posts on here of people saying they want to make the game available on mobile. I do not see an editor being very mobile friendly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your response!

As a mod creator its all i care about tbh since i barely play the vanilla game.
I hope the editor gives many cool posibilities and the game is moddable in general.


Hey, if we’re lucky it’ll get as much mod support as CoH2 and DoW3. :wink:

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Relic seems to be quite conscious about hitting all core aoe features. The fact that they have random maps and 200 pop of 1 pop units frankly shocked me considering their backlog and how their games are usually structured. According to a interview they even had to add in a additional smaller map size because pro players felt the maps they had were too large. All of this is so far away from your regular Relic game that I have no reason to believe they wont ship with a map editor as well.


You barely play the vanilla game but are complaining about the graphics?

Yes i do. I dont know if you know anything about map and mod design, but we also like to make our maps look pretty and the graphics to look cool. Especially when we add special effects and modify the graphics so its aesthetically pleasing. I dont know how you can even ask this.

Just look at this video and tell me how graphics are not important for map makers.

EDIT: Tbh, now that you mentioned it…i think this is the biggest reason Im a graphics fanatic. People who don’t care about AOE4 graphics and dont understand what the fuzz is all about are probably the people who dont care about art and map design in general and just want to play vanilla.

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You can enjoy that, sure, but I’m pretty sure the devs main focus isn’t a handful of people who like making maps

I mean, that is the whole reason to get the game, to PLAY the game

Ok first you were saying, map makers dont care about graphics
Now you are saying map makers dont play the game
I dont think i will discuss any topics with you any further
It seems like you are trolling with completely absurd assumptions.

No. No I didn’t, now you are putting words in my mouth? If anyone is trolling it is you

Again, never said this. Go ahead and don’t discuss, you obviously can’t understand anything

I mean, that is the whole reason to get the game, to PLAY the game

you literally just said that people who make maps dont play the game
Im not putting anything in your mouth but your own words

You are twisting the words, I didn’t say mapmakers don’t play the game. I was responding to this(YOUR COMMENT)

I wasn’t even referring to mapmakers, so yeah. If anyone is trolling it is YOU