Will there be a way to get time-limited stuff like lunar year event icons in the future?

I’m psycho if it comes to such things in games, and I try to avoid games that make time-limited stuff. Well, for lunar year event, it was only icons (I still care for them, even if they don’t change gameplay, and sadly I missed them cause I didn’t have time and I feel very bad about missing them). However, in the newest event, u can miss an awesome cheat code, which definitely is a part of gameplay itself. It’s not a simple cosmetic. I’m starting to worry that it goes in a wrong direction. I don’t like feeling pressured to play because there is an event and I can miss some things FOREVER. Kinda feels like it’s forcing me to play. Unless, we would be able to get those items later, somehow. For example, the event challenges would be easier, and after the event, there are separate challenges to unlock each thing, like “play 15 multiplayer games” to unlock one of the icons. I know there are others who feel similair, and psychos like us really need something like this, cause for me personally time limited stuff is a real turn down.


There should be a way to get photon man cheat code without needing to install and play AOE 1 DE just for getting it.


Is there a way to earn the Mayham event avatars on a later date? I didn’t get to play for 2 weeks because a family member died and I didn’t feel like playing. Now I can’t collect these avatars anymore. I believe I only had 1 ‘mission’ left. create 99 vills or something like that. Thx

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This was obviously a way for them to make money. ;o

Yeah, but I had already bought AOE 1 DE in order to support the developers. I just didn’t bother to install and play it for only the cheat code :smiley:

I do hope they do make it available at some time. I didnt bought the game at release, so i had no change getting some of the stuff, since the events were already ended before i bought the game.

Most challenges during the event are also crap. Just boot your game every day and just have a quick single player against the AI. Make it death match against easy AI and just make the just / do the things you need to do within some seconds and you are done for the day. It is not really interesting to do at all.

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Do we get an answer from the devs regarding this, since we still don’t know for sure… ? Thx

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If it’s like annual events in other online games with time-sensitive unlocks, then the events will play again next year and that will be the time to acquire those holiday exclusive items. It makes sense, but this is still just a guess.

Though it could be nice to bundle event exclusive cosmetics and features into one DLC package.

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So I just bought the game today, and I wanted to use a cheat but I can’t because I am months late on the event. Why would I be locked out of things that I paid for. I was actually very excited to use Going Above and Beyond and the Legion skin. Is there a way I can get access to this?

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You mean anniversary legion skin? Use either of these 2 mods (they have different filesizes, but I am not sure, what is the difference) - AoE 1 DE Anniversary Legion Skin and 2020 Anniversary - Legionary Skin for Champions.

Another event and we still don’t know if it’s gonna be solved in any way. Another event, and yet again I am FORCED to play. Not just play, but play MONGOLS. I’d much rather pay 15 dollars for a season pass and get the items instantly, and play when and how I want…

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Would events be repeated for those who have missed them? I would like to unlock content, but missed out on the events when they were live.


i missed 1 event too but i think they will restart it again in the same period.
i hate the way they making people feel nervous to play this game afraid miss event, not everyone are free all time can stick the game.

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