Will there be an option to scale the HUD?

I personally would like to have a smaller HUD than what’s shown in the beta footage. In particular, I find the top-of-screen HUD elements to be disproportionately large to the bottom-of-screen HUD elements, and oversized for what the information they present is.

I would like a scaling option for both the top and bottom HUD elements, but in particular, I would really like to reduce the top-of-screen HUD elements by, I think, at least 50%.

Has there been any word on HUD scaling and customization options?

There is an option to scale the HUD, but not top and bottom separately.

Interesting to hear. I would prefer the option to scale the HUD, and have the top HUD elements be smaller in proportion to the bottom HUM elements, but I guess having a HUD scaler is able to solve the problem, somewhat. I just hope that it won’t then make the bottom HUD elements too small.

Maybe the devs will still adjust the top HUD elements size.

Thanks for sharing that information!

Would be great if you could have a customisable HUD, I’d make the mini map slightly bigger, possibly get rid of the build list once I get my hot keys figured out.