Will there be any contrast , and saturation options in main menu?

Not every one wants to play Fortnight graphics gameplay ;].Would be great , if they add this future in main menu.I would like to have grim , and dark graphics like from Medieval ages or Warhammer games ;].


they are , they are in the settings.

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thats not the same settings

we had these discussions on reddit, apparently devs said they would (someone said this months ago)

but not sure if its going to happen

as a thought exercise someone posted some desaturated images to prove how much more realistic the game looks and a number of people agreed even the amateur level adjustments helped add immersion to the game…

would be great if we get it, but im not counting on it unfortunately… will still be fun, just not as good as i wouldve liked

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It’s gonna come in a patch, along with the invincible AI…

There will be , it wasn’t available in the beta(dunno why) but it was hidden in the game files.

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its not enough.I need more options with graphics , and saturations , and contrast , and colors.If you know what I mean

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This here right?

Not sure where this idea that the Middle Ages are brown and grey comes from.
Before the Industrial Revolution the colour grey wasn’t all to common. The grass was likely actually greener and there was no concrete at all.
People in the Middle Ages lived colours. Colours were the way to show people that you had money. The late Medieval Landsknechts took that to an extreme.

But I think you might get what you want.
The promised a saturation slider in some interviews and according to some analyse of the game files there are some disabled options.

Also in the worst case you can use display setting from your graphics drivers or something like that to change it.


NVDIA game filter .XD

This. Nvidia and AMD have this and you can customise to individual games? So like… just do that. Gamma/Saturation are rarely a setting in games for this reason. Brightness is usually only there to see a mood intended by the developers. Noting that every screen is different and some peoples colours arent other peoples colours.

Regardless, I think OP wants a black and white grimy game cause he thinks colour wasn’t invented back then :wink:

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I think there is a good reason to have it ingame because you might not want to recolour the UI or things like prerendered video.
If you use external settings everything including the UI will be recoloured.


yea fair point actually. Needless to say I never seem to have much need to use those controls.

What are you talking about? You just neeed to go to settings , graphics and bellow HDR you can change the saturation and brightness of the game.

But what are we talking about ? Because saturation can be changed in the settings but it seems that people are blind now to find it .

Just go to settings - graphics and bellow HDR there is an option called : Adjust the brightness. Click on that and there you go!


Don’t you know about the color invention of 1700? The only colors humans had invented before then was black, grey, brown, and red.

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nice strawman :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

ill remember next time i play aoe, that neon bright colours were around by the middle ages, because some clown on the internet said so… neon green, blue, yellow… i never knew they were so prolific, and everything was covered in it… at least i know it now… /s