Will there be more country options when choosing a revolution?

When choosing to revolutionize some civs in age of empires 3. Gives you a choice of two countries. In the case of Spain, Chile and Mexico.
Imagine in AoE III DE you could choose more than one. For me it would be fun and place new special units for each one.
It would be a fun mechanic.

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while in theory i wouldn’t mind more revolutionary options, not many people chose to revolt to begin with, and on top of that they want each European civ to have a similar amount of choices, which is already hard with factions like russia or nations that didn’t even have colonies like germany and the ottoman.


You are absolutely right friend. there it comes as the problem that exists but perhaps you could manage with only some civs and those who cannot implement another system. But it is very interesting.

why does Bolivar have the peruvian flag? He was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He shut down the peruvian congress, he reestablished slavery which the liberals from peru and spain had decided to end, and even separated Bolivia from Peru, give him the Venezuelan flag, nobody in Peru likes Bolivar, most peruvians fought alongside the Spanish and after the Spanish lost, peruvians fought Bolivar and beat him ending Gran Colombia alongside it.

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Who would you have put as a revolutionary for Peru?

Tupac Amaru II? I mean you can have Bolivar there if you want someone who ended up winning “temporarily” in addition to San Martin, but change the flag to the Venezuelan flag, else give San Martin the Peruvian flag too, since San Martin was more important to Peruvians than Bolivar was.


The devs should take a look at this issue.
They said that they were changing some things with the native americans civs regarding cultural and historical ressemblance. I hope they make the same thing with revolutionary nations.
Also the bonuses. I don’t remember the argentinians being famous for having big powerful howitzers.

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It may have some inaccuracies regarding time, however, in Peru, TĂşpac Amaru II is seen as a precursor of Independence and revered as such, so it could work.

They need to add some extra factory cards for revolt decks. Currently revolution is almost always:revolt into resign

Tbh that’s a bad idea. The general thought of revolutions is all in.
Eather you win or you loose.
2 factorys are more than enough to handle a good fight. But it depends on your eco before you revolted.
No eco? Then don’t revolt.


I hope that they add more stuff on possible future DLCs, cause I think that now is to late to ask for such meaty additions.

I think, however, that the revolution feature can be expanded. Some nations should be rebranded so they can have some revolution choices that while goes a little off from the new world/colonial setting, would fit history better.

  • Germans can be rebranded Holy Roman Empire or German Confederation and revolutionize to Imperial Germany (the 1871 nation).
  • France can be rebranded Kingdom of France and can revolutionize to Imperial France (post-revolution) or French Republic (late 19th century).
  • Russians can revolt and become Finnish.
  • Ottoman Empire can become Greece or Bulgaria.
  • Dutch can become Belgium.

Those were just from the top of my head. Even the asian countries can go this way. Just rework some names, flags and go for the changes that occurred on those nations in the span of the game or the nations that seceded from them.

Now, the native american peoples can go on to have their own kind of revolution that while it does not result in changing names and flags, give them a tremendous military boost, giving them modern guns to fight the colonial powers in native uprisings.


Blockquote I hope that they add more stuff on possible future DLCs, cause I think that now is to late to ask for such meaty additions.

Its a DE, it wont get any more add-ons.

In fact they are adding new stuff by adding new nations (swedes and incas) and somewhat reworking native americans. Pretty much a new add-on to me. So I’m pretty open about the possibility of even more new content after that.

None of the DE´s got any more contend after release. ITS A DE . No more addons, only bugfixes and balance patches.

While you are right on pointing this pattern, I still hope that they plan to add new things while Relic is cooking Age IV. Age III have so much untapped potential.

I would really like this! Russia becoming Peru doesn’t make sense. Some civs could have up to four options like the Ottomans could become Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Egypt. Portuguese and British would only be left with Brazil and the United States respectively but revolting is still an option.

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i thought AOE 2 either had or is going to get post release content? they talked about it, though states they dont wanna add more civs.

as for AOE 1, lets be frank it was mostly just a proof of concept, many things you would have expected from an AOE 1 DE didn’t get changed or added because by the end of the day it was likely more for consistency than to sell millions of copies.

Yeah, not everybody could have their revolution rooster increased, but some would have changes that make more sense. I would love to see they biting the bullet and rearranging this.

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no,i don’t like it.
alternative countries would make more sense e.g “russian free alasca”

You are entitled to don’t like anything. But your counter-suggestion for revolution is 100% fantasy, cause Alaska never revolted against anyone. It was bought by United States on 1867 and didn’t even popped a firecracker about this.

Finland, in the other hand, struggled agains russian rule from the end of the 18th century until it’s independence.

But, well, each to his own.