Will there be new dlcs for AOE2:DE?

4 new civs are cool, indeed, and it fills the blank part where once played an important role in medieval history of world map. however, besides them, old civs seems receive too little love, I mean civs from AOK.

Since Conqueror, about half of newly added civs have two unique units, Koreans do have Turtle Ship and War Wagon; Spanish have Missionary and Conquistador; Portuguese have Organ Gun and Carrack, Meso American civs have their highly specialized playstyle, while old civs got only 1 unique unit. Even for most old civs, their only unique unit is way too similar to generic units. I want a dlc to justify that.

And talk to campaign, almost all new civs got their own campaign, however most old ones got only a history battle, and some of them got not even a historical battle. They in my memory are Byzantium and Persians.
They are regarded as most counted civs in medieval, so it make no sense. It also need to be change in future dlcs.

People love independent architecture styles as they are most popular mods among AOE2HD’s workshop. But it gets more difficult for modders to make such a mod for DE version. Collapsing anims are very hard to create, and highres graphics also contributes to that. If possible, I want a dlc for independent architecture styles for each civs.

I don’t know if developers would read this, but I post them here to have a try.


Gotta reply before the slaves to the balance arrive, lol.
This is the Age of Empires we need, but don’t deserve. I’ve read in a lot of places that new dlcs are out of question, but knowing this wonderful community, independet architecture will be on the way trough mods after day one.

I hope not - there were already too many for the HD edition, and several civs are simply uninspired copies of existing ones.

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The developers have said that there will be no more civs added to the game. Which is why I have requested for a Civilization Builder along the lines of Empire Earth.

Give your support below:

The developers have also said that they will continue to support the game after release and that includes new content as well. The nature of this content is unknown. Perhaps it will be graphics addons (building sets, unit sets) or more campaigns.


i think in the first few months bug fixes etc. like that you can see the flames of buildings trough units


I am also against new civs. 34 is far more than enough for a RTS game. Even for a classical strategy game, 34 electable civs is many enough.

What do I mean: remaster AOK civs.


im dont think there an expansion but i think its okay :wink:

It might be just me, but I would love to see new DLCs, especially civ DLCs. I’d like to see some more African/American civs. Polynesians would be awesome too.

I agree with this one, Persians and Byzantine, especially Persians, were notable empires on the Medieval Age and need a campaign and I’m certain there are many important events that can be used as the setting.

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I’ve always wanted more civs and more expansion packs. Been happy with every expansion.

But I really feel like this is the perfect amount now… 35 is enough.

35 is just, well, definitive.