Will there be Thracian and Bulgarian empires as playble nations?

I hope so… :slight_smile:

Eh…I honestly doubt it. Bulgarian Empire fits way better in the AoE2 timeframe, and the Thracians weren’t so… impactful? on world history, in the same way that Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Minoans, etc were.

hmm … “The Thracian people are the most numerous of the world” Herodotus on the other hand their impact on the ancient world is quite strong- culture, music, beer and wine, their cavalry was one of the best at the time, gold crafting was incredible sophisticated last but not least their architecture was very impressive if you take a peak into their tombs and cities.

I don’t think so. In 0 A.D we can create a mod of the faction and is hard found architecture.