Will they put new civilizations?

Will they put new civilizations ? that has to be with campaign? for example that they add 2 new civilizaztions and all the wars those civilizations had between them.


I think they had to release the game incomplete because they had to get money from their investment soon. Probably they will improve the game along many years.

they have a solid base.(3d engine) What left is to put new blocks on it.

How is this game incomplete in your eyes? It has 4 campaigns with 4K documentary which is excellent I might add, single player, art of war challenges and of course multiplayer mode. You have even customization options to your banner, profile etc on top of that.

And I don’t take non-game breaking issues that the game has as “incomplete” because that’s a whole other meaning to me.

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Yes, they will most likely introduce a few more civilizations in the future the real question is how many, because they want each civilization to be asymmetric.

We have every reason to expect additional civilizations, and if World’s Edge recent development of AoE2 and AoE3 are any guide, then we can expect about two expansions per year, each with about two new civs. Mileage may vary, of course.

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