Will Vietnamese, Khmer, Burmese, Malays will receive Armored Elephant?

Seems like those civs are lacking those units. Even Elephant Archers and few others too.

If you take historical context those civs did used Elephants the way those civs uses. Will the future update use that unit? I just don’t see much reason not giving them and I’m completely fine for balance changes as the patches goes on.

Remember Mongols lacked Steppe Lancer at one point of game release. Lithuanians didn’t had the Winged Hussar. I wish devs might have some plans for it in future? It’ll add much diversity in gameplay.

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I’m not sure the historical aspect is really relevant, sure armored elephant have been used in the past but I don’t think there role as ever been limited to replacing rams by destroying a citadel’s gate, let alone stone walls, towers or civil buildings.

I am sure Elephants were indeed used for destroying buildings. Battle Elephant already have that purpose to some extent. Armored Elephant as far as basic details is made with the design of destroying buildings. Those civs can take the advantages of various upgrades. Like extra HP of Vietnamese, Burmese armor, Khmer fast attack buffing Armored Elephant indirectly. Can create some nice bonuses too. Vietnamese Elephant Archer can have nice role there too. I’m fairly up for overhaul and balancings.

There’s a difference between destroying buildings and being entirely dedicated to this task alone. If you throw a guy with a sword at an armored elephant in real life, the guy would not last long, yet it seems the armored elephant in game won’t perform so well against infantry even 1 on 1.

It’s more about adding unique-ness to those civs and matching their theme. I already pointed out how Mongols, Lithuanians got fine changes. In this game we got Monks waving hands to change its religion. Those aren’t really something to complain about.

Those are later balance changes that can come with tweaks. I can already foresee armor resistance and some damage buffs to Armored Elephant that can come later on.

Yeah, that’s why I said it’s not relevant to ask about the historicity of giving this unit to SEA, because it’s pretty much a fantasy unit even in India (at least regarding the role it’s given in the game) so asking whether or not it’s historical to give it to SEA isn’t really important. It would fit those civs thematically and would sinergize nicely with their boni to elephant units, and that’s all that matter at least. Sure it would be ridiculous to give it to civs who never used battle elephants, but for those guys I think it’s okay.

Seeing the stats of those units, I really hope they won’t.

I already said there is always room for balance changes. 100% sure it’ll get buffed/nerfed in following days. All forgot Steppe Lancer days already?