Will we see Aoe2 in VR?

Zero Empries already did this 5 years ago on youtube through Virtual desktop I believe. I also tried this and saw incredible potential if 3d virtual models and controller features were added. I would love a VR adaptation or mod for this game and think that it would sell like hotcakes, anyone else agree?

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I’m still hopeful for a mobile version before the VR. If they can do console then they can do mobile even better

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Wasn’t aoe mobile announced alongside the console port?

Edit: it was.

Mobile is getting another game. Only Console is getting the port

AOE2 VR would be designed for people with a God complex. Absolutely blows my mind thinking about it. Sitting on your Thanos Chair with head gear ON for Bo7 against an equally bad moron.

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AFAIK there is a community-made ‘mod’ that was AoE2 in first person basically. Some content creators have also made videos about it. That could be adapted into VR.

The problem is, the game is still pretty much unplayable that way, as you would struggle winning against Moderate AI that way even.

I just wanna see a table-top 3D hologram aoe2 game

You can already “play” in VR, I tried hooking up my Quest 2 to PC which gives you a huge screen to play on. It allows you to see a lot of detail up close, but it’s hardly playable.

I imagine a true VR version could be almost like a fitness app, imagine high elo clicks per minute but with hand/arm gestures in VR. It’s going to be exhausting :joy:

So take a look at this: